Use both Abbot & Abbot for swt

  • chausson sebastien

    Hi all,

    So far, I praticed and used Abbot for SWT to test my Eclipse plugin and I succeeded in writing all the tests I required. FYI, I'm stuck with the Eclipse 3.0.X, so I had to "branch" the latest available release of Abbot for SWT to manually fix some bugs. I performed this modifications in my local environment but I can share this modifications if anyone is interested in :-)

    Now, I would like to test a specific part of my plugin that integrates a Swing GUI in a SWT composite, thanks to the SWT_AWT class. I first thought that I would use Abbot (swing version), combined with Abbot for swt, but it seems that Abbot is not able to retrieve the embedded Swing hierarchy...

    Did one of you already praticed such a feature ?

    Any hint would be greatly appreciated,

    Sebastien CHAUSSON

    • poonaam

      poonaam - 2006-08-11

      Hi Sebastien,
      I have a eclipse plugin (swing based application) and I wish to test it. I have been trying to get Abbotforswt but none of the links for the same works. I also learnt from one of the links that it is only available through the IBM Internal Open Source Bazaar(IIOSB). Is this correct? Or is it now available for public use? Not sure if the question is directed to te right person, but any pointer sin this regard will be deeply appreciated.

    • maggie7

      maggie7 - 2008-12-12

      Hi Sebastien,

         Did you resolve your issue of automating Swing GUI inside a SWT composite? I am now facing a similar problem in automating such a product. This product is currently developed as a Java Swing application, but it will be gradually migrated to Eclipse hosted application. In the interim, it will have some editors rendered using Swing GUI. I need to figure out a way to automate such a mixed scenario. Any tips are greatly appreciated.



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