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At last ! Aapje Messenger Beta 0.0.1 has been released !

The beta is finished at last :-) A beta still though, which
is most certainly true after a quick glance at TODO ;-)
Nevertheless, Aapje has matured enough for it to be considered
beta software(By me at least ;-)), and has become pretty
useable over time, in fact, I use it for everyday conversations
now with hardly any crashes(Or maybe that's because I know hos
to avoid them ;-)).

Anyways, what's new:... read more

Posted by Jasper van Veghel 2003-01-24

Aapje Update! (0.01-4)

There are some problems with some messenger-clones that use the ip instead of the hostname of messenger.hotmail.com. Aapje Messenger is one of those clones (shame! SHAME ON US! *slap*).
Latest deb is now available for download, a reduced tarball will be uploaded shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience (well, it's still 0.01, so you could have expected it ;o)

0.02 will hopefully be released this week, stay with us! :o)

Posted by Alex de Landgraaf 2002-12-23

1000st commit!

Congrats to everyone who contributed to the project, it were good times and it were bad times, but we did make it *barely* ;)

to celebrate, aapje now has a page on freshmeat, in the hope that other whine^H^H^H^H^Hbetatesters join the segfault-feast with us!


Sometime next week we'll have an official aapje 0.01 launch (yes, there are people who don't think aapje is perfect ;)

Posted by Alex de Landgraaf 2002-11-29

Aapje GNU/Linux 0.01 nearing completion!

In the next few days, we will (finally) release binary and source packages for everyone to enjoy! Aapje is actually getting to be quite stable, soon, the world will lay at our feet! MOehahaha!!!

Posted by Alex de Landgraaf 2002-11-26

The move to Sourceforge

After 4+ months of development, testing, cursing and designing, Aapje Messenger is turning out to be one hell of a messenger-client. The Aapje site will be available on aapje.sourceforge.net soon, the CVS will be populated as well...

Posted by Alex de Landgraaf 2002-04-15

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