#1 Golden Samples


I suggest that AAF provide 'Golden Samples'

AAF is a very flexible model. It can be interpreted in
several ways.

Also, many different manufacturers will use AAF and
they need to interpret the AAF files the same way in
order to make the AAF effort valuable for the

The industry has been working with EDL files since
decades. I suggest that one of those golden sample to
be an EDL's representation.

EDL2AAF project provide good examples but how can you
tell if it's using AAF the way it should ?


David Bertrand
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  • Simon Carter

    Simon Carter - 2001-05-08

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    Good Question .. I'm chasing this up..

    Golden Files are on the AAF Engineering Agenda but have not
    been assigned to anyone yet.
    I expect there will be more discussion of this a the Montreal
    Developer Conference at the end of the month....


  • James Westland Cain

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    I agree that I would like EDL2AAF to be able to generate
    golden files. Currently it generates AAF files that are
    purely my take on the objects available in AAF and I would
    like some feedback from people about what is good practice.
    I will raise these issues in Montreal.



  • Anonymous - 2001-05-10

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    Not quite golden but perhaps brass.

    I have produced an example of how we think an AAF
    composition file should look and posted it on the
    SourceForge Anonymous FTP site accessible from the project
    homepage. The file is called bbc_composition_example1.zip
    and it contains the AAF file and its associated media. I
    will post a description of how I think that they are
    arranged in the composition on the Open Discussion forum.

    Joseph Lord
    BBC Research & Development

  • Phil Tudor

    Phil Tudor - 2003-08-20
    • assigned_to: nobody --> phil_tudor
  • Phil Tudor

    Phil Tudor - 2003-08-20

    Logged In: YES

    This is a long standing issue. The AAF Association is creating
    a set of Protocols, for which example files should be
    generated. There has also been a fair amount of file
    interchange between vendors at the awareness events.



  • Phil Tudor

    Phil Tudor - 2003-08-20
    • assigned_to: phil_tudor --> nobody

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