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AAF compiling error in Sun Solaris 2.9

  • Khang Nguyen

    Khang Nguyen - 2007-08-22

    I'm experiencing an unusual problem on the AAF SDK. When I compile it on Sun Solaris, 
    I had an error in line 315 file AAF/ref_impl/src/OM/OMWeakRefPropertyT.h as 

    ../../src/OM/OMWeakRefPropertyT.h:316: warning: aggregate has a partly bracketed initializer
    ../../src/OM/OMWeakRefPropertyT.h:316: sorry, unimplemented: non-trivial labeled initializers
    ../../src/OM/OMWeakRefPropertyT.h:316: error: invalid lvalue in unary '& '
    ../../src/OM/OMWeakRefPropertyT.h:316: error: excess elements in aggregate initializer
    make[3]: *** [../../../AAFSparcSolarisSDK/g++/ref-impl/debug/AAFObjectModelProcs.o] Error 1

    This kind of error was NOT happened when I compiled the SDK in Window (with VisualStudio)

    Does anyone know of a fix I can do ? Just tell me what I should do to have AAF SDK compiled !
    The AAF SDK is 1.1 release
    My platform is Sun Solaris 2.9

    • Alexey Kharkevich

      What compiler are you using?



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