Lian Zhang - 2011-08-02

I've created AAF file and already successfully added MobAttributeList into CompositionMob. However when I am trying to import that aaf file to Avid MC, it's failed and a dialog popped up shows

"Exception AAFDomain: Failed to open file for reading. hr: -2147286788"

What's the problem with the aaf file I created? I just want to add two tagged values into MobAttributeList within CompositionMob which are:

    Value: (indirect type: aafInt32) 3

  kAAFTypeID_TaggedValueStrongReferenceVector :

    Value: (indirect type: aafString) "SD 30i NTSC"

Are these two tagged value a key for correctly showing clip rather than "Media Offline" in the Avid sequence?

many thanks.