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Paul Davis
  • Paul Davis

    Paul Davis - 2006-03-20

    AFAICT, the AAF SDK still exhibits a dependency on a microsoft product that is distributed only in binary format. The LEGAL directory for the AAF SDK does not mention this dependency. The Microsoft web site for their "RAND" IP licenses includes only a license that permits use of their technology with AAF SDK 1.0.2, not 1.1, and moreover, this license appears to provide for source code distribution even though the AAF SDK does not include said source code.

    To my eyes this all makes using the AAF SDK in connection with a GPL project somewhat dubious. Could someone please clarify the licensing situation, and maybe even explain why this dependency on a proprietary component has been allowed to continue?

    Paul Davis
    Linux Audio Systems

    • Paul Davis

      Paul Davis - 2006-03-20

      I made a mistake, sorry. I see that the license in question is the one from SchemaSoft.

      Unfortunately, this license appears completely incompatible with the GPL, meaning that it will be impossible to have any product use AAF meaningfully (i.e. getting around the current limits of libgsf) for some time.

    • John Emmas

      John Emmas - 2006-03-20

      Hi Paul - you raised this point about 2 years ago in the Open Discussion forum. Oliver's reply indicated that the source code is available to members of the AAF Association for bona fide porting efforts. Here's a link to your earlier thread:-

      I don't know if that helps at all....


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