Don - 2005-08-30

I just downloaded and looked at the SDK AAF 1.1, so I'm pretty new to the SDK and still learning about it. I was hoping that the experienced users here would please point me to a right direction. 

I have a few questions if you please would point me to a right director or give your inputs: 

1. I have a series of NITF files (the basic format of NITF file is that it contains a header metadata, and one or more images with metadata). Can I add one or more NITF files as essences to the AAF file? 

2. I look at the sample codes, it looks like you can add MPEG and JPEG files? These already have the plugin codecs. So, does it mean that I have to implement my own plugin if I want to add NITF files to AAF? Please explain. 

3. Can I not implement the plugin codec for NITF? can I just wrap them as files into AAF? Or does AAF has to understand the file format for all files inserted? 

4. Is there anyways that I can tell AAF the general format or default format when adding the samples? 

I'm not sure if I make any senses, but please provide your inputs. I'll verify and confirm for any unclear points. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you.