I've faced one trouble
Dumping AAF file, generated in Avid, I've found such struct:

    SlotID: (aafUInt32)2
    SlotName: (aafString)"V1"
    Segment: (kAAFTypeID_SegmentStrongReference)
    DataDefinition: Picture
      Length: (aafLengthType)(aafInt64)250
      Slots: (kAAFTypeID_SegmentStrongReferenceVector)Strong Object Reference Array  of Segment

       kAAFTypeID_SegmentStrongReferenceVector : (kAAFTypeID_SegmentStrongReference)
As I understood, nested scope was inserted as a segment in mobslot. But when I try to use nested scope as segment, it dosen't work/ Could you please show me code example, which will make such struct in AAF file? Thanks in advance!