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jpeg essence

  • ninsight_dev

    ninsight_dev - 2005-11-30


    I am trying to create a video essence (JPEG codec). But I don't know which value to set the  kAAFCompression parameter.

    Do you have an example to show me?

    Thank you,


    • Stuart Cunningham

      ref-impl/include/AAFCompressionDefs.h contains the CompressionDefs used by the SDK.  But it may be simpler to use the CAAFEssenceAccess API where you specify the codec to use.  Using this API you don't need to set the Compression property yourself since the codec does that for you.

      There are two sources of examples for CAAFEssenceAccess which may help.  ExportDV in examples/com-api demonstrates a straightforward use of the CDCI codec but only for DV material.

      The unit test for CAAFEssenceAccess in test/com/ComModTestAAF can serve to demonstrate using the JPEG codec although not as clearly since it's a unit test.  Running just this unit test can be done using:
        ComModAAF.exe AAFEssenceAccess

    • ninsight_dev

      ninsight_dev - 2005-12-05

      Thank you for your answer.

      I am using jpeg codec so if I get it, I do not need to set a value to the kAAFCompression parameter.
      I followed an advice the “CreateEssence” tutorial and I tried to import JPEG files in AVID. I did not succeed yet.
      At first, without the definition of some required parameters (kAAFDisplayRect, kAAFSampledRect, kAAFAspectRatio...), the file could not work. I filled them but it was not sufficient... The aaf generated file can not be imported in avid station. Do you know why?

      Do you have an exemple of source code to create an aaf file importable in Avid ?

    • ninsight_dev

      ninsight_dev - 2005-12-05

      * Do you have an exemple of source code to import jpeg files in Avid ?


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