Have got problem when run compilation using mingw64 on windows7 64bit.
- i have setup mingw64-sjlj(gcc 4.8.1) properly (at least i may compile other different projects)
- i added to the PATH AAFWinSDK\bin as in readme file noticed, But here i confused as inside /AAFWinSDK folder i doesn't have /bin folder.
- when i run
mingw32-make everything COMPILER=g++ AAFPLATFORM=Win
mingw32-make check COMPILER=g++ AAFPLATFORM=Win
i got huge log of errors which basically sayes that many things are not defined(not a type).
I didn't paste full log, just cut three portion from begin/middle and end. How to properly run build AAF for mingw, i guess i missed some variable or i miss some relevant step in envoroment prepearing? You may see log here.

Many thanks in advance