Help in IAAFControlPoint SetValue

  • Eong

    Eong - 2008-07-28


    I'm just started using AAF SDK a month ago to generate an AAF file for my application, everything seems to be working fine until when i try to set rational value in IAAFControlPoint. I get an error "AAFRESULT_ILLEGAL_VALUE" when i try to use SetValue. Below is the example code, i'm not sure whether i use it correctly or not.

    aafRational_t p;
    p.numerator = 345;
    p.denominator = 345;
    aafDataBuffer_t val = (aafDataBuffer_t)&p;
    aafUInt32 valsize = sizeof(p);
    check(pControlPoint->SetValue(valsize, val));

    I wish to get the output from InfoDumper as below:

    Object of class: ControlPoint
    Value: (indirect type: aafRational) (345/345)
    Time: ....
    EditHint: ......

    • Alexey Kharkevich

      Your code looks OK. Unfortunately IAAFControlValue::SetValue is not executed by the unit test so there could be some unknown evil hiding inside. Can you set the control point value via IAAFControlValue::Initialize? It should work.

    • Eong

      Eong - 2008-07-30


      Thanks for your reply. I use the IAAFControlPoint::Initialie to set the control point value but now I get an error "AAFRESULT_NO_MORE_OBJECTS".

      pControlPoint->Initialize(pVaryingValue, p, valsize, val);

      Anything I miss out?

      • Alexey Kharkevich

        I can't tell without debugging or at least seeing the whole thing. Try looking at at the IAAFControlPoint unit test:


        and also


        for usage examples.


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