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Can MXF Files be generated with the AAF SDK ?

  • Digby Richards

    Digby Richards - 2005-06-03

    Hello ...,

    MXF "is a subset of" AAF. So can I build MXF files with the AAF toolkit ? Conversely, can I use the AAF toolkit to read MXF files ?

    Is anybody working on this ? Can I get involved ?


    • John Emmas

      John Emmas - 2005-07-29

      Some time ago, I heard that Avid was working on saving essence data in MXF format and would be checking in the code "real soon now."

      Did it eventually happen?

      • Oliver Morgan

        Oliver Morgan - 2005-07-30

        It is happening now.

        The AAF CVS HEAD is open for checkins of contributions to V1.2, which is the version in which we promised MXF support. Checkins are occurring now. Not many yet, but a steady flow.

        Phil has a complete task plan. Primary contributors are Avid, with additional work from BBC R&D, Diskstream, Metaglue, and the AAF Association itself.

        We are in need of contributors of module tests and test&exercise utilities. Please consider volunteering some hours of work.

        Soon we'll be planning beta test.


        • John Emmas

          John Emmas - 2006-01-21

          Hi Oliver - did the MXF stuff eventually get checked in? I was trying to find it in the repository a few days ago but I couldn't see anything obvious.




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