Phil Tudor - 2008-09-01

AAF v113 RC1 was just released as a file release on sourceforge. See

Changes from v1.1.3 DR1 to v1.1.3 RC1

  Updated AAFAnalyzer to build with updated AAFWinSDK/vs7 platform

Plugin codec changes:
  Correctly open AAF files containing internal VC3 essence with legacy ULs
  Use MSVC project configuration to control linkng with optional VC3 library

  Removed EssenceStreamID and IndexStreamID properties added in v1.1.3 DR1

  Change FileDescriptor's GetContainerFormat and GetCodecDef to check if
    the weak reference can be resolved before getting the referenced
    object.  MXF files may have references to container and codec
    definitions that are not present in the dictionary.
  Add missing precondition - OMPropertySet::container should always be valid.
  Fix writing past the end of string bug in aafembed
  Updated README.TXT to reflect updated AAFWinSDK/vs* structure
  Set toolkit version to 1.1.3 Beta

The plan is to do FINAL RELEASE on Friday 5th September.

Thanks everyone!