Phil Tudor - 2008-09-05

The final release of AAF v113 was just made as a file release on sourceforge. See

Major Changes from v1.1.2 to v1.1.3

  Added support for Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 compiler
  Added support for Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 compiler
    Note. MSVC 7.1, 8.0 & 9.0 each have a sub-directory under AAFWinSDK.
    This is a change to the previous support for MSVC 7.1.
  Added support for Microsoft Vista

Plugin codec changes:
  Added Avid DNxHD and SMPTE VC3 plugin codecs
    Note. As supplied, these AAF codecs provide wrapping capability.
    With an additional library, they can provide compress/decompress capability.
  Use MSVC project configuration to control linking with optional VC3 library
  Added IAAFEssenceDataStream2 for access to MXF Essence Element Key
  Added setting of MXF Essence Element Key in CDCI, JPEG, DNxHD & VC3 codecs
  Added simple fallback strategy to select which codec to use when reading essence
    from a file without a codec definition on its file descriptor.
  Correctly open AAF files containing internal VC3 essence with legacy ULs

Existing API changes:
  RGBADescriptor::PixelLayout and RGBADescriptor::PaletteLayout changed to
    accept both '0' and 0 as terminator.
  Change FileDescriptor's GetContainerFormat and GetCodecDef to check if
    the weak reference can be resolved before getting the referenced
    object.  MXF files may have references to container and codec
    definitions that are not present in the dictionary.

Memory usage:
  Fix memory leaks
  Reduce memory footprint
  Add MemoryLeakTest test
  AAFAnalyzer updated for use with AMWA registration website
  Updated AAFAnalyzer to build with updated AAFWinSDK/vs7 platform
  Added AAF-XML XSD generation stylesheets
  Moved CAAFBuiltinDefs.h from the public API in ref-impl/include to
    Utilities/Include to make it clear that it's only an example or utility.
  Replaced deprecated CAAFBuiltinDefs.h macro usage with COM API calls
  Fix writing past the end of string bug in aafembed

  Updated README.TXT to reflect updated AAFWinSDK/vs* structure

Thanks everyone!