eric_y - 2008-01-07

I was trying to compile an old ( as in worked on AAF1.1.0 ) project that included AAF_i.c.

This worked using WIN, however gave me numerous errors when using AAFUniversalDarwinSDK.   I looked at the file and the following is not there:

#ifndef __IID_DEFINED__
#define __IID_DEFINED__

typedef struct _IID
    unsigned int x;
    unsigned short s1;
    unsigned short s2;
    unsigned char  c[8];
} IID;

#endif // __IID_DEFINED__

typedef IID CLSID;

This was in AAF1.1.0 and is in the WIN version of the file.   I am not sure if it is the AAFPPCDarwinSDK version.   When I inserted the above code back into AAF_i.c everyone was happy once again, including me