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  • wkosma

    wkosma - 2005-05-21

    hello list,

    i`m new here and to aaf and i have few questions.

    i want to develop simple app, which deals only with region (soundfiles) arrangment inside pro tools session. no mixer info, plugins, etc only reference to file, nr of track and timecode.
    is aaf good path to take or pt offers still better support for omf?

    also i`d like to be able to develop on mac under os x
    a link i found here for mac download is dead.
    is there any chance to compile under xcode,
    do anyone have any experience with that environment?

    to be honest i dont want to go to deep inside aaf,
    i would appreciate any advice about fast and painless
    solution for that simple task,


    • Ian Baker

      Ian Baker - 2005-05-21

      hi wojciech

      It is very possible to develop under OSX and XCode. You need to down load the SDK source and it should compile easily, it has been tested recently under OSX and all the parts needed are there.

      There is not an xcode project file, I built my own simply.
      However you may not want to, in order to build the AAF libraries - it is easier to run make from within the AAFDarwinSDK directory. Then you can link from your existing project to the built libraries, you will need to use the headers from the aaf tree, which are in the AAFSDK/g++/include directories (or something close to that) (I assume you are using C++ and not objective-C for which there is no support)

      I am not entirely clear what you want to do but with  some study of the examples, you should be able find your way around.

      From PT now I would use the AAF route every time, the omf route will not be developed more as I understand it.

      Ian Baker
      Metaglue Corp.

    • John Emmas

      John Emmas - 2005-05-21

      If I understand you correctly, you're saying that you want to obtain the audio data, track information and timecode position for audio clips on a Pro Tools timeline. Does that sum it up?

      If so, AAF would be a better approach than OMF which is no longer supported. In fact, I doubt that you can even obtain a developer kit for OMF any more.

      However, you'll probably need to write a fair bit of code. If you're starting from scratch, it could take weeks or even months before you have a working app.

      The AAF library DLL's (and associated headers) are downloadable for developers without you having to understand and deal with all the source code, so that would save you some time - but my guess is that you have a fair amount of work ahead of you.

    • John Emmas

      John Emmas - 2005-05-21

      Correction - I just read the bit about OS-X... I must confess, I don't know what's available for the Mac platform, since I use Windows only. It's possible that you might need to download and compile the complete code, as Ian said.

      • Phil Tudor

        Phil Tudor - 2005-05-23

        The released toolkits (of which v1.1 is the most recent) are available as downloadable sourceforge file releases. This means you don't need to use CVS, just download the release directly.

        For each release, we make three types of downloadable file release:
        AAF-src: contains the source code, and project/makefiles to build on all platforms
        AAF-devel-libs: binary libraries (release & debug) & header files
        AAF-runtime-libs: binary libraries (release only)

        For v1.1, these files are available for each supported platforms. This includes MacOS X. Look for the file with "PPCDarwin" in its name.


        Phil Tudor

    • wkosma

      wkosma - 2005-06-01


      thanks for answers,

      is there any chance o get xcode project example somewhere,
      also i would appreciate if somebody could post more examples.
      i thought i`m going to write very simple thing, but life is not
      that easy. anyway i would be very greatful for everything which
      will simplify first steps inside aaf.

      thanks again & all the best,



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