Create an MXF File

  • Pascal GOSSET

    Pascal GOSSET - 2008-03-10


    Can you tell if it possible to create an MXF File with the AAF SDK ?

    Today, i create an MXF File with embedded essence but i can't read this file with one MXF Player. The MXF Player is theScribe by MOG Solutions. This software open the file and show me all metadata that i create but he doesn't play the embedded essence.
    I try to open my embedded essence with a player that i create but the IAAFMasterMob::OpenEssence(...) return "PROPERTY NOT PRESENT" (i tried with a GOOD ( ;) ) MXF File and i have the same error ).

    If someone can help me !!! don't hesitate !!!



    PS : Excuse me for my bad english (I'm french ;) ), i hope to this message is easy to understand.

    • Oliver Morgan

      Oliver Morgan - 2008-03-10


      The AAFSDK requires a CodecID property on the descriptor, to select the correct codec for the essence. I propose to provide an interface to force use of a particular codec in the 1.1.3 program (which we are planning to be very soon).

      The KLV-encoded files created by the AAFSDK insert the AAF functionality into the MXF file in addition to the SMPTE 377M-2004 and SMPTE EG41 data. Some commercial players may have problems with this.

      best regards

    • Pascal GOSSET

      Pascal GOSSET - 2008-03-10

      Thanks for your reponse and your help,

      My CodecId is filled in my Source Package descriptor,

      Have you try to create an MXF file with AAFSDK ?



      • John Emmas

        John Emmas - 2008-03-11

        Hello Oliver and Pascal,

        Sorry to sidetrack this issue. It seems that Pascal's problem is probably unrelated to the codec ID. However, I wondered if the codec ID issue might be related to another problem that I just reported in the Help forum?

        I'm assuming that the codec ID and codec definition are one and the same. If so, the fact that the codec definition is an optional property (in the essence descriptor) is highly questionable. ImplAAFEssenceAccess;;Open() simply cannot function if that property is missing.  Unfortunately... I'm coming across an increasing number of AAF files where the codec def properties ARE missing.

        Any ideas on what we need to do to fix this?


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