I've been exploring the generation of XML files (registered data XML) using the AAF toolkit 1.1.3. I'd like to find the definitive source for the element names. For example, property "SampleRate" in "FileDescriptor" appears as XML element <FileDescriptorSampleRate>.

The symbol names used in the XML file generation are defined in file OMSymbolSpace.cpp. Not all of the AAF classes and properties defined in AAFMetaDict.xls have symbols in this file. Moreover, the source for the symbol name is not AAFMetaDict.xls.

The result is that the XML generated by the API contains "Extensions" for new classes and properties added since version 1.1.1 (I think!). Also, the example aaf.xsd is also missing classes such as "AES3PCMDescriptor". Is this intentional?

Which document defines this XML format and where is it available?

I've also noticed that the file "AAFMetaDict.xls" says within it that you need to refer to its cover sheet, but this is not provided with the SDK.