Paul London - 2005-03-08


I am an editor looking for software that can convert an audio AAF into an audio OMF2.  I am using an edit system (Quantel eQ), which only allows you to create audio AAFs.  My partner has a ProTools audio sweetening system.  The ProTools system is supposed to be able to work from an AAF but it cannot.  Audio is often missing and random clips are out of sync.  If I create an AAF with no tails everything is fine (except I now have no tails)

I am working with Quantel (who have been very supportive) to resolve this but it is hard to tell if it is a Quantel problem or Avid (owners of ProTools) problem.  Is there software (Mac or PC) that can convert all my audio AAFs into OMFs ready for sweetening in my partners ProTools system?