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  • Random_Access

    Random_Access - 2008-07-09

    I'm not able to build the AAF SDK on Microsoft Visual Studio. There are a large number of compilation errors.
    But when i open the VS Project file of one of the examples (such as ExportAudioExample), it does get build successfully but while running the program I get an exception " hr = 0x8007007e The specified module could not be found ".

    I'm trying to run the examples so that i can start building an application that converts audio/video into AAF format.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you !

    • Alexey Kharkevich

      Please provide more information about what exactly you're building and with what version of VS.

      The AAFCOAPI.dll is not in the search path by default, that's probably why you're getting 0x8007007e. Also, if your application uses AAF codecs or other plugins you need to have the AAF plugin directory (aafext) in the same location as AAFCOAPI.dll.

      • Oliver Morgan

        Oliver Morgan - 2008-07-12

        VS8 will be supported in 1.1.3 (also VS9, also Vista)

        The sourceforge HEAD includes AAFWinSDK/vs8 and I expect there will be at least a developer release (DR) in the next few days, perhaps even a RC

        best regards

    • Random_Access

      Random_Access - 2008-07-10

      Thanks for your reply. Let me explain what all I have tried.

      Firstly, I downloaded the AAF SDK ver 1.1.2 from the homepage. I tried to build it on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. While doing that, I faced a lot of errors such as Function deprecation errors, linker errors. The errors were too large in number. I decided to concentrate only on the ExportAudioExample.

      Next, i made a C# application and imported the AAFCOAPI.dll file into it, Copied some code of ExportAudioExample into it, but the application did not recognize the AAF specific data-types used in the code.(I had a question there, do I have to include the header files? or do I need to import all the structures from the header file? )

      Next, I Tried to build an MFC Application using COM Objects. Here, I could not find the CLASS ID of the Coclass associated with the IAAFFile interface. Here is the code:    

                  hr = CoInitialize ( NULL );

              hr = CoCreateInstance ( CLSID_AAFFile,                            (does not work with CLSID_AAFFile )
                                  (void**) &pIAD );

      Next, I opened the VC++ project file of ExportAudioExample in Visual Studio 2008 and fixed the errors and got it to build successfully. But while running the program, it exited. On tracing, I found the problem is with the following code:

      struct CAAFInitialize
        CAAFInitialize(const char *dllname = NULL)
          HRESULT hr = AAFLoad(dllname);
          if (!AAFRESULT_SUCCEEDED(hr)) {
            fprintf(stderr, "Error : Failed to load the AAF library, ");
            fprintf(stderr, "check environment variables -\n");
            fprintf(stderr, "  Windows    - $PATH\n");
            fprintf(stderr, "  Unix/Linux - $LD_LIBRARY_PATH\n");

      When I see the value of hr it shows, " hr = 0x8007007e The specified module could not be found. "

      Please guide me, how do I proceed to build an application that converts Audio/video into AAF format.
      Thanks a ton.

      • Alexey Kharkevich

        According to ReleaseNotes.txt Visual C++ 7.1 is the only compiler version supported in AAF v1.1.2. As far as I know, VS8 projects have been checked in and will be part of 1.1.3.

        The AAF API is only COM-like. It is not real COM. You should use the AAF API calls to create and manipulate object instances. Standard COM facilities like CoCreateInstance won't work unless they're implemented as part of the AAF API.

    • Random_Access

      Random_Access - 2008-07-10

      Hi !
      As you said, I placed the aafext folder and the AAFCOAPI.dll file in the local Folder of the project. It asked for some more windows and VD related dll's, which also i provided.

      On execution, the Program does run (Thanks a lot for the useful suggestion). However, the AAF file that gets generated does not open in the AAF Explorer. In fact it gives an error forcing the windows explorer to restart. But, the example AAF Files provided by AAF Association do open with the AAF Explorer. Any Idea, why this is happening ?
      Thanks !

    • Random_Access

      Random_Access - 2008-07-14

      By when are we expecting the AAF SDK ver 1.1.3 ?
      Thanks !


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