avcodec_open is deprecated

  • Jeffrey Bedell

    Jeffrey Bedell - 2012-12-11

    Compiling 1.1.6 under Debian yields a whole bunch of FFMPEG related errors
    int avcodec_open(AVCodecContext*, AVCodec*)’ is deprecated

    Anyone else seen this?

  • Philip de Nier

    Philip de Nier - 2012-12-14

    I've seen it.  FFmpeg marks functions as deprecated as they migrate their API.  This results in compiler warnings and errors because the -Werror compiler flag is used. Newer FFmpeg versions also result in real errors because functions and types have been modified or removed.

    The issue is that the FFmpeg stuff in the AAF SDK isn't maintained to keep up with all the FFmpeg changes.

    Possible solutions are: remove -Werror from the compiler flags, add -Wno-deprecated-declarations or disable FFmpeg stuff by setting DISABLE_FFMPEG=1.

    Maybe the FFmpeg code should be disabled by default and enabled by ENABLE_FFMPEG=1 instead?



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