Required checkins for creation of v1.1 branch

  • Stuart Cunningham

    To minimise merge conflicts in the future, the following checkins are necessary
    before the v1.1 cvs branch is created. We would like to create the v1.1 branch
    as soon as possible so please give feedback if problems are forseen.

    1. Checkins to support GCC build under MacOSX 10.3
              (Creed at Apple to perform checkin)

    2. Rename SunSunOS to SparcSunOS involving
          + deletion of the toplevel directory AAFSunSunOSSDK
          + creation of the toplevel directory AAFSparcSunOSSDK
          + populate AAFSparcSunOSSDK with files from AAFSunSunOSSDK
          + changes to build/ to use uname -p rather than uname -m if
            the host OS is SunOS
          + use SparcSunOS instead of SunSunOS in DevUtils/Dump/GNUmakefile and
              (Stuart to perform commit)

    3. Add CVS $Id$ keywords to all source files. During the Nov 26 2003 SDK
        telecon, it was agreed to do this change once using an automated technique,
        but to wait until the next release. Jim may have a script to do this. Note
        that the templates or other inputs for the autogenerated source files would
        also need to be updated.
              (Stuart or Jim to perform commit)

    • Oliver Morgan

      Oliver Morgan - 2004-02-21

      Renaming Sun to Sparc will be fine for SparcSolaris and SparcLinux. What would the naming convention be for Solaris on Intel - which I assume will be supported at some juncture?

      • Stuart Cunningham

        Solaris on Intel would be "i386SunOS" as uname -p returns "i386" on Solaris on Intel.  Note that we use "i686" for Linux since most Linux distributions take advantage of i686 instructions (e.g. cmov) and so libraries and binaries will only work on i686 and above.

        • Stuart Cunningham

          After further consideration I think "Solaris" would be better than "SunOS" in "SparcSolaris" and "i386Solaris" for the SDK.  "Solaris" is the name Sun Microsystems uses in its advertising and support of its OS and is also the OS name returned by "gcc -v" and similar tools so I think "Solaris" is more well known.  

          • Oliver Morgan

            Oliver Morgan - 2004-02-24

            Fine by me


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