CAAFBuiltinDefs.h & ImplAAFBuiltinDefs issues

  • Stuart Cunningham

    1)  CAAFBuiltinDefs.h should be moved from Utilities/Include/CAAFBuiltinDefs.h to somewhere under ref-impl, since the ref-impl/plugins code depends upon it as does many of the module tests.  This would improve it "visibility" and help to ensure it is kept in sync with ImplAAFBuiltinDefs.h - see

    2)  CAAFBuiltinDefs.h should be autogenerated - either from ImplAAFBuiltinDefs.h or both header files should be autogenerated from some other source.

    Any comments?

    • Stuart Cunningham

      > 1) CAAFBuiltinDefs.h should be moved from Utilities/Include/CAAFBuiltinDefs.h ...

      I have moved CAAFBuiltinDefs.h to ref-impl/src/com-api and made the necessary updates to the GNUmakefiles and .dsp files.  I chose ref-impl/src/com-api since it is the parallel directory to ref-impl/src/impl where the mirror image ImplAAFBuiltinDefs.h resides.

      > 2) CAAFBuiltinDefs.h should be autogenerated

      I think both CAAFBuiltinDefs.h & ImplAAFBuiltinDefs.h should be generated from the following human-edited inputs:
        - AAFDataDefs.h  (for DataDef methods)
        - AAFMetaDict.xls  (for TypeDef and ClassDef methods)
      A straightforward perl script could be added to the meta subdir to implement the autogeneration from the CSV version of AAFMetaDict.xls.  I found it interesting to note that the DataDefs were not listed in the spreadsheet, hence the need to use AAFDataDefs.h.

      • Oliver Morgan

        Oliver Morgan - 2004-03-19


        I've been working on expanding metadict.xls to include *all* the AUIDs (data defs and others), with the precise intention of autogenerating the headers which are presently manual.


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