#86 UTF8FileNameTest fails on MacOS X

Phil Tudor

As part of the v1.1 SDK, the Schemasoft SS
implementation was upgraded to support filenames
containing multibyte characters when encoded as UTF8.
The UTF8FileNameTest checks that this works. As of
the release of v1.1, this was working for all platforms
except MacOS X. For that case, the upgraded
Schemasoft code was compiled and added to the
distribution, but fails UTF8FileNameTest.

Creed Erickson at Apple provided the following pointers:

>I have been asked to take a few minutes to send you
some notes on the
>Unicode issues with the Darwin build. It's been awhile
and much of the
>state and context my brain once held has degraded,
but here goes...
>The issue, as best I recollect, is the BSD file API calls
cannot be
>relied on for full fidelity of Unicode file names.
>Regarding the first issue: Better to use a Cocoa or
Carbon API to open
>the file and extract a file descriptor. Given the C/C++
nature of the
>AAF code base, I would recommend a Carbon API set.
(Carbon requires no
>knowledge of Objective C.) Resources you may want
to peruse:
>Also, here is an archive of 6 empty files all named with
different Mac
>OS X localizations, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Farsi,
Trad. Chinese and
>Simplified Chinese. Perhaps these will be helpful for
testing. Note
>that the hebrew and farsi names are right to left. An
UTF-8 encoded
>text file containing the file names is also included.

The issue is still outstanding at the time of writing (AAF
v1.1 release).



  • Phil Tudor

    Phil Tudor - 2005-04-25

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    Fixed in v1.6 of AAF/AAFPPCDarwinSDK/g++/sss-
    impl/libSSRW2C.a, provided by Ian Baker, Metaglue.


  • Phil Tudor

    Phil Tudor - 2005-04-25
    • status: open --> closed