#1 Color text


If possible, build in support for ANSI color in the
text, thus making it even more powerful and not
just black and white.


  • Michael Mol

    Michael Mol - 2002-01-02

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    I help run a text-based dial-up (and telnet-in) BBS
    (including ISP services) that's been running since 1989.
    (telnet to "grnet.com") This would be a great feature to
    allow us to revitalize interest in our services, as well as
    encourage a new age group to become interested in the text-
    based scene. (Increasing acceptance of text-based
    interfaces would also help improve interest in learning
    Linux, btw.)

    You see, there is actual value in it.

    I'd submit a patch myself, but I'm not a very good C
    programmer to begin with, much less a writer of very fast

  • Anonymous - 2002-09-07

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    Yeah, I am able to use AA from within mplayer (www.mplayerhq.hu) and the only
    thing missing is color.

  • Graeme Humphries

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    I'm interested in doing the actual development work on this
    idea, and I have a few thoughts on how to implement it.
    However, I'd need the help of someone who knows the code, so
    that I could discuss approaches and bounce ideas off them.

    If someone familiar with the code is willing to give me a
    hand, please send me an e-mail (unit3@demoni.ca) so I can
    get started. :)

  • Anonymous - 2003-07-01

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    I doubt that the Tracker messages are read that often to be recognized.
    You may try to mail the project leaders, i.e. hubicka <at> users.sf.net

  • Graeme Humphries

    Logged In: YES

    I actually thought of that and sent out some e-mail, but I
    never heard back. *sigh* Oh well.

    I've poked through the code a bit, and while I understand
    the concepts the API uses to do the rendering, and have a
    good idea of how colour support should be implemented, I
    can't track down the parts of the code I need to work with.
    It's very uncommented. :(


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