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Mon Jul 31, 2000
Version 0.1.146 released to the public. Hope you like it.

Tue Aug 1, 2000
Version 0.1.147 released.
-Turned down the ambient lighting...should have done that before release.
-removed /usr/lib/libpthread.a from the link line in the makefile
-updated the README to tell you what to install. I've always been a fan of
 install it yourself, so you know what gets installed. Not that I'm a control freak.

Mon Aug 14, 2000
-fixed the -lpthread makefile problem.
-added a #define for the copyright.

Thu Aug 31, 2000
- added the find_rotation_mat which does the calculations for rotating
  about an arbitrary axis "by hand" so that the calculation thread
  has no OpenGL calls in it.
- updated view.c to use find_rotation_mat instead of OpenGL calls.

Fri Sep 1, 2000
- updated gen_rand_uv to use find_rotation_mat instead of OpenGL calls.

Sat Sep 9, 2000
- changed main.c, torpedo.c, and display.c. 
  main.c: Renamed tracer_flag to draw_tracer_flag. Added tracer_light_flag.
  torpedo.c: removed the gl_enable(GL_LIGHT2) from fire_torpedo
             removed the gl_disable(GL_LIGHT2) from process_torpedo
  display.c: added a check for tracer_light_flag in display to turn on
             and off the tracer light.
  These changes were made to remove the last OpenGL calls from the calculation

Tue Sep 12, 2000
- changed texture.c and sun.c
  texture.c: added code to turn nebula billboards to rgba and alpha blend them
  sun.c: changed the glTexEnvi to GL_REPLACE so the rgba nebulas would display 

Fri Sep 15, 2000
- changed main.c and display.c
  main.c: added windowx and windowy to track the window size. Added
          code in the reshape() function to respond to a change.
		  change various mouse functions to use windowx and windowy.
		  windowx and windowy are set by #define WINDOWX and WINDOWY.
  display.c: also changed code in the draw_mouse() function to use
             windowx and windowy. Changed draw_expl_winshield_particles() 
			 so that shield damage is done when the ship runs through
			 explosion debris.
Fri Sep 22, 2000
- changed main.c
  main.c: began to separate my variables into internal flags and user preferences
          to move toward a .a3drc file. Added a command line -geom option to
		  let users select the window geometry. I recommend you stick with square.

Fri Sep 22, 2000
- changed Makefile and added rcfile.c
	Makefile: now includes rcfile.c
	rcfile.c will be used to build code that will read user preferences from
	a $HOME/.a3drc file.

Tue Oct 10, 2000
  Numerous changes have been made on the way to releasing 0.2.0. Almost
  every file has been touched by this revision.
- The command line -geom option has been replaced by a -geometry option
  which will allow the window width, height, and position to be set.  
- A bug in how asteroids were deleted from the linked list which causes
  a crash was fixed.
- Virtually all the changes listed below are for easily supporting a .a3drc
  file and easily adding keyboard and user options later on.
- keyboard_handler() has been moved to its own file, keyb.c and the keyboard 
  mapping itself has been placed in a struct.
- User changable options have been moved to their own structure.
- A command line option called -freshrc has been added so that a "standard"
  .a3drc file can be printed by the program so users can capture it and 
  modify it to their liking.
- A command line option called -rcfile has been added to allow users to
  specify a file other than $HOME/.a3drc as their .a3drc.
- The options keys are now toggles, so pressing a key once will change an
  option, pressing the same key a second time will change it back.  
- The options toggle keys have been remapped to be consistantly at the top
  of the keyboard ( of course, soon you'll be able to put them where you like ).
- The keyboard rotation controls are now more smooth and behave in a
  proportional manner, so that the longer you hold down a key, the faster
  the ship will rotatate. 
- The README file was updated.

Thu Oct 26, 2000
- Added a plasma effect for the torpedo. 

Fri Oct 27, 2000
- added a sound ( and a bit of code ) for the torpedo

Sat Oct 28, 2000
- added the shield sound. I'm going to work on improving the sound code.
- added a tools subdirectory for little programs which I use to help me out.

Thu Nov 2, 2000
- added the contrib directory (finally). Check it out!
- finished the keymap adjustments.

Wed Nov  8, 2000
- updated the targeting graphics and algorithm. Should be much more accurate.

Sat Nov 11, 2000
- more updates to the targetting graphics and algorithm. See the README.
- made it a bit easier to manually target an asteroid with the center 

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