#5 Message filtered by ASK isn't POPing...


I run ASK on my FreeBSD servers (works great)... But I
have one small issue, that I can not seem to resolve.

FreeBSD sends status and security reports to me via
Email each night at 2:00 AM... The status reports come
across fine, I had to add "subject machine.domain.com
daily status report" to my whitelist.txt file. I also
added "subject machine.domain.com security output
report" to my whitelist.txt file. ASK IS properly filtering
this message. The ask.log file shows that it matched the
whitelist entry for the subject line... And, I can go to
my /var/mail/username file and the message is there
along with the other status message.

Now the strange part, I use Eudora 5.01 on my
workstation to pop the mail from my server, and
everything comes across, excpet the security report. It
just seems to vanish...

I thought maybe it was one of my Eudora filters, so I
removed all of them, and still nothing... The message
just disappears, even though it is being properly filtered
by ASK and is in my /var/mail/username file...

Now, if I disable ASK just before 2:00 AM, I get the
message just fine...

I'm pretty sure it's not an ASK problem, because the
message is being properly filtered, but I don't see how
it's a Eudora problem either.

At this point, I'm just not sure what the problem could

Would anyone have any idea's?


  • Marco Paganini

    Marco Paganini - 2002-10-23

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    Interesting problem indeed!

    Some ideas:

    1) Make sure Eudora cannot read the mail. (reports 0
    messages). Telnet to your pop server, port 110 and type:


    And tell me how many messages are reported (you can retrieve
    them individually with RETR n where "n" is the number of the
    message returned by "list")

    2) Make sure your Eudora is configured to retrieve *all*
    mail from the server, not only new mail (this is a looong
    shot, but who knows).

    Let me know.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Okay, followed your instructions:

    +OK Qpopper (version 4.0.4) at machine.domain.com
    starting. <22610.1035460969
    user pelsner
    +OK Password required for ??????.
    pass XXXXXX
    +OK ??????? has 5 visible messages (0 hidden) in 45552

    Connected to my server via port 110, and typed list...

    +OK 5 visible messages (45494 octets)
    1 1432
    2 1434
    3 17002
    4 6000
    5 19626
    Messages 1 and 2 are my backup and verify success
    emails. Message 3 is the security output message that I
    am looking for... Message 4 is the daily status report
    (this one never seems to have a problem), and message 5
    is my Daily Dilbert email. So now, I'm going to load

    Said there were 5 messages to download (that is correct
    according to above findings). Sure enough Messages 1, 2,
    4 and 5 are visible... I don't see message 3 anywhere...
    Not in the trash folder, not in any other folders... It's really

    Now, we telnet back to port 110, and list again...

    +OK pelsner has 0 visible messages (0 hidden) in 0 octets.
    +OK 0 visible messages (0 octets)
    Seems like all messages have been delivered, but I only
    see 4 of the 5...

  • Marco Paganini

    Marco Paganini - 2002-10-25

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    Really strange! It seems like Eudora is throwing your email
    somewhere. Have you tried another client just to confirm
    this theory? I'd suggest something simple to setup like
    Netscape Mail or Mozilla Mail. Just a run should be enough
    to tell us whether Eudora is the culprit in this case...


  • Lars B. Dybdahl

    Lars B. Dybdahl - 2003-05-05
    • status: open --> closed
  • Lars B. Dybdahl

    Lars B. Dybdahl - 2003-05-05

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    Because there has been no response since october 25th, this
    support incident is closed.


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