#72 ability to include config files (i.e. global configs)


Problem: I have several virtual users that use ASK.
The config for each user is identical except for three
options: rc_mymails, rc_myfullname, rc_mymailbox (yes
they share the white/ignore/blacklists, queue, etc).
Life would be much easier if the shared part of the
config could be moved out to a separate file, a global
config of sorts.

Possible Solution:

I'm going to ask for a new config option in .askrc to
include another config file. Then I can have all of my
common, non-variable option in a "global" config of
sorts and my per user configs will just contain the
variable bit with a reference to another config file.

rc_mymails = user@domain.ext
rc_myfullname = My Name
rc_mymailbox = /var/mail/user
rc_include = /path/to/other/config

Then during the read of the initial config file,
whenever you encounter an include, read the provided file.

Some gotchas to watch out for:

1) trap for infinite loops, i.e. two files including
each other
2) duplicate options, i.e. last one wins
3) how many includes to allow per config file and in total


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