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#70 separate Bulk and Junk queues option

Done (on CVS now)
Erez Zadok

As of 2.3.beta1, Bulk-detected messages are put onto
the regular queue along with all other messages.
Before that release, Bulk messages were saved
separately. As an MH user, I find it easier to have
these in separate queues, so I can post process them
separately using shell scripts using MH commands.

I liked the fact that I could separate my bulk mail
from non-bulk one. For
me, they in two different classes of spam: the non-bulk
is far more likely
to be spam, whereas the bulk one is more likely to be
some mailing list mail I'm on that's not in my whitelist.

I also think it's somewhat bad to store bulk mail
messages in the same queue directory. Bulk mail
messages will never be removed from the queue via
someone replying to a confirmation, since no
confirmation request was sent for those. Again, bulk
and non-bulk mails are really two different classes of
emails IMHO, and should remain in separate queues.

Is it possible to add a feature that'll separate the
two somehow (different
queue dir or different file name prefix)? We can keep
the default behavior as is, but allow people like me
to have more control over these two different queues (I
use all sorts of shell scripts to integrate ASK w/ my
MH system).



  • Marco Paganini

    Marco Paganini - 2003-12-11

    Logged In: YES

    I just put this feature back. If you have those parameters
    set in your .askrc file, Bulk and Junk will be saved to a
    separate file.

  • Marco Paganini

    Marco Paganini - 2003-12-11
    • milestone: --> Done (on CVS now)
    • assigned_to: nobody --> paganini
    • status: open --> closed

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