evilsmo - 2009-06-25

Please i need you help.
I found a bug in ASK msg confirmation.
If i use this example text  no quotes "Circular 09 - Junho_2009 - Atualização Módulo Teste - II"  on name of my Outlook ASK send a wrong confirmation.

On My logs:
Message from:     <=?iso-8859-1?Q?Circular_09_-_Junho=5F2009_-_Atualiza=E7=E3o_M=F3dulo_Test?=>

send_confirmation(): Confirmation sent to =?iso-8859-1?Q?Circular_09_-_Junho=5F2009_-_Atualiza=E7=E3o_M=F3dulo_Test?=...

It´s cause a lost confirmation, please i need teh solution for this if not i disable ASK.
Thank´s anyware.