Hi everybody,

I've read the posts and I've founded a lot of questions like mine about virtual and multiple domains set-up.
I'm starting to manage a webmail server with POSTFIX (smtp), COURRIER (imap/pop).
Domains and users accounts are virtual stored in a Mysql Database.
Is it posible to use ASK in this setting and How I can do.

I've read this answer from an user but I don't understand nothing :


don't ask me in detail about all, I only do the ASK part, I'm not the main mail admin, cause I prefere using postfix :-)
But I try to explain:
All users are virtual users, that means they have no local account. As MTA Exim is used, as IMAP/POP3 Courier IMAP and as userdata there is some mysql db and some own made webinterface to manage all.
In fact there is some virtual mail folder /var/spool/virtual_mail and inside that there are subfolders for each domain, like abc.de, abc.com, abc.org and inside that there are subfolders for each username like aaa, bbb, ccc and inside this there is a folder MailDir for the normal maildir folders.
Now I setup in /var/spool/virtual_mail/abc.com/aaa a folder ASK (~ASK, but I hate using ~ if it is no virtual user) and a file .askrc and a .forward (we name it .paganini :-) file. Exim can handle this .forward file. In forward file we have a line:
"|/usr/bin/ask.py --loglevel=3 --logfile=/var/log/ask.log --home=/var/spool/virtual_mail/abc.com/aaa"
and in .askrc:
rc_mymailbox = /var/spool/virtual_mail/abc.com/aaa/Maildir/
rc_askdir = ${HOME}/ask
All files must be owned by user mail who handles all ASK things and .forward files, or the user you set to do this.
The rest is normal setup. We use global lists too, which are really nice for admin managing known and local domains.

And it works fine, you can write to albi@cvmx.org, that is a virtual user, which is me :-)
At the moment we still test all, but later we want to enable it to all users. I think it will be no long time anymore :-)

I hope it helps. Paga, you may use this as help for ASK documentation if you like.


Thanks for your little help.