Still Maintained?

  • Negrea Mihai

    Negrea Mihai - 2003-12-08


    I see that there is no development since summer 2003. Is ask still maintained. I see some things in the TODO list which are important for me. Does the CVS contain something more than the beta version?


    • Marco Paganini

      Marco Paganini - 2003-12-08

      Oh yes, it is. The problem is the complete lack of time from my part and the lack of people willing to alpha/beta test CVS versions before I send them out as betas...

      The CVS version is full of goodies and bugfixes. If you're willing to try it and report any problems, I'd be eternally glad. :)


    • Negrea Mihai

      Negrea Mihai - 2003-12-09

      The problem is that it is the first time I use ask. I want to use it for a email relay (gateway) setup with postfix. After scanning with spamassassin & clamav to deliver the email locally on the gateway to be processed by ask and then use a pipe command to send the email to the real mail server. Anyone tried this setup?


    • Albi Rebmann

      Albi Rebmann - 2003-12-12

      Is there some info about the new things in CVS?
      Then it might be interesting.


    • Negrea Mihai

      Negrea Mihai - 2003-12-12

      yes.. there is some info in the Changelog in the CVS. The problem is I wasn't able to get a quick install of the files from cvs. The instructions in DEVEL.txt were not very helpful.. if someone know the way to setup the CVS it would be great!


      - Renamed main executable,, to askfilter.

      - Renamed to asksetup.

      - ASK PROCESS Q is now a synonym for ASK PROCESS QUEUE.

      - bugfix: Messages delivered via deliver_mail did not have a "Date:"

      - HTML Received and Size fields added to the ASK Queue Report.

      - HTML Remote commands now use a table for formatting. The whole thing
        should look much better now. We also have a new format for the textmode
        commands and a line separating messages.

      - Removed the mail loop message. Most people disliked it.

      - Added a new command line switch: --filter. This puts ASK in "mail
        filter" mode. This mode is very similar to the "procmail mode", with the
        difference that it always returns a valid exit code. Messages to be
        discarded are delivered to stdout (filtered) with a "X-ASK-Action: Discard"
        header indicating that it should be discarded. The old --procmail mode
        will slowly be phased out.

        If you're using procmail, you'll probably want to change your .procmailrc
        recipes to:

        :0 fW
        /path_to_ask/askfilter --logfile=ask.log --loglevel=10 --filter

        * ^X-ASK-Action: Discard

      - Major re-write and code cleanup on the remote commands. When using text
        mode remote commands, results are always sent directly to the user's
        mailbox defined in rc_mymailbox, _except_ when delivering messages
        in procmail or filter mode. In this case, the MTA will be used to
        forward the messages to rc_mymails[0] with the corresponding X-ASK-Auth
        code that will cause immediately delivery.

    • Dave

      Dave - 2006-01-08

      So here it is 2006, and this subject is still a valid question.  2.5.2 has a bug so bad many of us can't even use it (ignores queue processing commands - id# 1359317) so how are we supposed to help with testing? Paga, can you hear us? Should we be tinkering with the Python scripts ourselves, or just retreat to 2.4.1 and learn to be happy with that?

      A keepalive note would sure be nice now and then... we would all feel pretty stupid about hanging around, defending you, your great package, and the C/R approach in general if it turns out you were run over by a bus last month. It's hard to wait when *nothing* happens on this site week after week after week...

      Regards (or Respects if we missed your obit :)

    • Marco Paganini

      Marco Paganini - 2006-01-09

      Hi Dave,

      Yes, I'm still maintaining it, but you know... One has to have his/her priorities right in this life. There's work, house, kids and whatnot... ASK fits in through the cracks, whenever some time is available :)

      The lack of feedback and even more apparent on the Forums. Responding on the mailing-list is easier, but here, I have to login to sourceforge and find my way around. If people need something, I always ask them to post to the list. It is much faster.

      About the bug you mention, it has been fixed on CVS (along with a ton of other smaller bugs). I'm just trying to find time to fix one more little bu g and I'll release 2.5.3 that should eliminate all the serious problems with this beta.

      BTW, Happy 2006! :)


    • Dave

      Dave - 2006-01-10

      OK, I'm appropriately humbled.  You're not just among the living, you're actually having "a life". Anyone who tries to find fault with that is just plain jealous. :)

      Here's a thought that may help you (just to show that I pay attention to your requests also) Sourceforge *is* a complex place compared to downloading from a simple web homepage. CVS is a complex tool requiring a client and practice use, etc. Perhaps all this complexity serves to discourage inexperienced non-developer types from playing with the CVS stuff that you would like hammered on, and maybe thats a good thing? Anyone who can't get past all of that might not be qualified to find good bugs, or provide good feedback about them <wink> or maybe they would be helpful.

      If only there were something easy to download, like a latest.tar.gz...  just about anyone could install 2.5.2 and then constantly overwrite the scripts with the newest ones. I can almost see the link on the homepage... right under Current Stable, and Current Beta, there it is: Hot off the CVS press Beta replacements.

      Yeah, I know, I smoke too much.  ;)  But I'm back at 2.4.1 for now, and not able to provide useful feedback about anything. Maybe I'll go see if I have any kids...

      Regards! (and many thanks, I love ASK)


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