Manage lists via Email (new Feature)

  • Albi Rebmann

    Albi Rebmann - 2004-01-09


    to the fact I still get few spam mails, maybe spammer approve. It would be nice to make a easy way to remove them from whitelist and add them to blacklist/ignorelist. My idea is to improve ask email managing support:
    in subject allow following commands:
    ask add/remove blacklist/ignorelist/whitelist <email>
    That means email will just be added or removed. Ist would be nice if you make automatic remove of email from other lists too. That means if I add email to whitelist, email should be removed from other lists. More comfortable would be to allow regexpr for email. Maybe if only one parameter, add "from email" to list, if two parameters add as written.


    PS: Tell me when it is added in CVS, then I have to install CVS :-)

    • Marco Paganini

      Marco Paganini - 2004-01-16

      Hi Albi,

      I suffer from the same problem. The difficulty in doing so is how to "trust" an email as coming from you in a way that is simple to configure for most people. I'm considering embedding a "token" in all delivered messages that will serve to that purpose. So, if you get a message you want blacklisted, you'd just forward it to your account with the proper subject. ASK can use the token embedded in the message body (based on your .askrc file) to honor the request.


      • Albi Rebmann

        Albi Rebmann - 2004-01-17

        Hi Paga,

        yes I think a automatic generated onetime token would be nice. Only problem is, you will have to remember the tokens for some days.
        Another idea would be to add a menu after each mail delivered at the end. Giving you some options like "Add user to irgnorelist/blacklist". By click on the link you send replyto: ASK and set subject with token. Only problem will be if somebody forwards the email. Ok the other person will have to change the from too, so for me it would be ok. Maybe as option in ASK to switch on/off.


    • Alex Sommerfeld

      Alex Sommerfeld - 2004-01-22

      good feature :)

    • Marco Paganini

      Marco Paganini - 2004-01-22


      The idea is to have ASK add the token to each message. So, all you need to do is "reply" to yourself, changing the subject to the action you want. ASK will use the crypto token inside the test (in your reply) to authenticate.



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