ask delete all

  • jonas

    ask reduced spam volume in mail mailbox from 500 to zero. great thing! there's a feature i miss though. if i have checked through the ask process queue and forwarded what i really want i'd like to delete any mail in the queue without sending a delete mail for any message. that would really help...

    thanks for developping such a great program!

    • Actually, not sending a response to possibly forged eMail addresses is an excellent approach.  I only wish that ASK had this problem taken care of with its confirmation process in the first place.

      I still get the occasional confirmation from various systems, and I still report them to (along with all other spam) because DNSBLs (DNS-based blocklists) are the only truly effective method I've found for ensuring eMail server administrators get the message loud-and-clear that responsibility is required on their part to ensure that their systems are not violating any user's right to "consent."

      The reason that C/R (Challenge/Response) Systems are flawed is that they rely on trivially forged sender eMail address information.  They are just as bad as virus scanners that are configured to behave in this manner (many of which are configured this way by default and also send along a copy of the virus anyway) because forgery is such a big problem.

      I'm still not a supporter of C/R Systems, especially in these times where forgery is automated vis-a-vis eMail viruses, spammers who commit forgery on a large scale with their SpamWare (software that automates the sending of spam), etc.