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AKIRA 0.9 FULL Version released

A new completely refactored version of AKIRA is available. It is 0.9 and it is tagged FULL since the whole third parties software boundle used by the framework is integrated into the released package to simplify AKIRA installation. Hope you enjoy the choice!;)

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2007-10-07

New AKIRA 0.8.1 release

AKIRA release a new version!
The 0.8.1 is now available. We strongly
suggest to download this.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2007-01-22

AKIRA jump to the 0.7 release!!!

We worked a lot and finally the first release with the new cvs
tree structure and with a custom autoinstaller able to configure also the third parties software is available!

Enjoy it!;)

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2005-03-16

New Mailing Lists added!

We added 3 new lists to improve interaction between developers and theories discussants and to ensure a
better informations partitioning. Lists are private and reserved to AKIRA's project members.

1) a-k-i-r-a-devel-tech
The place where we discuss about technical issues, models of implementation and implemented models,
and about bug and/or code related problems.

2) a-k-i-r-a-devel-cog
The place where we discuss about theoretical
issues and theories of mind. Discussions about
the AKIRA Computational Model and its further improvement are also welcome.... read more

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2005-03-14

Already arrived the 0.6.7 release!

We are working hard with new collaborators and a new release is already available!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2005-02-24

Akira 0.6.6 released!

Fixed problems and improved the overall Daemons performances!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2005-02-14

Open Source Contest: AKIRA obtained the 2nd prize in its cat

The first Italian Open Source Contest ended and AKIRA
wins the 2nd prize in the University Works section!
The project was also evaluated the best one by the
technical commission!
We'll be in Milan on February 9th for the winners ceremony.
We want to share our happiness with every supporter in the AKIRA community!
Thanks to all!

See : http://www.opensourcecontest.it/index.php?sezione=premiazione

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2005-02-03

Akira 0.6.5 release is coming...

You have to wait a little. Before 2005 we released the
new 0.6.5 version with a lot of new features and the
first client/server really functional communication system!
Stay tuned!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-12-17

Open Source Contest end date

AKIRA takes part at the Open Source Contest in Italy that
will be ended in 31 december 2004. We are in a good
position to win but we need other votes!
If you found AKIRA and interesting project and you are intersted in its future development vote us!;) :

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-12-17

Akira 0.6.4 released!

A new cleaner version of akira was relased! Try it!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-10-13

A new developer/analyst added to akira team!

Dr. Carlo Accettella Jr joined us!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-10-11

With akira-0.6.3 a full network support was added!

Now you are able to open and manage tcp/ip or udp connection (simply changing one line of code!) throught the new AkiraServerManager and AkiraClientManager components.
The robust and advanced Schmidt's Framework ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment) was used to support the overall transmission layer!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-09-20

AAMAS - MAMABS conference july 19 - 23 New York

Yes! AKIRA will be there represented by our friend and co-worker Dott.Emilano Lorini! This is the first outcome of our platform in an international conference of such relevance... so let's cross our fingers and good luck to ourselves!

Follow the link:

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-07-13

Andrei Alexandrescu joined us!

One of the most innovative object oriented designer in the world accepted to take part in akira project to
help us in designing and redesigning of core framework components!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-07-02

Version 0.6.1 available!

A lot of fix has been done, particularly in the new BDI component.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-07-02

Download the new 0.6 stable version of AKIRA!

A first stable version containing all the features we consider at a basic level is now available!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-06-01

www.akira-project.org updated

A lot of section of www.akira-project.org were updated.
New images explaining various Akira aspect were added.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-05-23

Akira Communication Model

Soon will be released the Akira Comunication Model library. That lib will be used to manage Server and Client side communication. It is based on new object oriented policies based patterns that ensure maximum fault tolerance and efficiency.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-05-07

AKIRA XML Protocol

The AXP (Akira Xml Protocol) 0.1 version is almost ready!
It provides a lot of functionalities to communicate with an Akira Server and throught Akira Servers. Much like Jabber Protocol it is based on xml streams. It is also a KQML translation into XML with an XML based content language specification (no KIF) named ACL (Akira Content Language) . Stay tuned!

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-04-20

Upgrade to Version 0.5.1

Version 0.5.1 includes some important features as the KDevelop Support and a lot of performance improvements

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-03-12

Version 0.5 is now available

AKIRA 0.5 version sign the first milestone in AKIRA's Project development. At this point the simulation engine part is almost at a beta level and can be fully used to create scientific,cognitive and social simulations. A multiprocessor run-time environment is suggested to take benefits from the distributed computational model AKIRA belongs to.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2004-03-02

Finally AKIRA new tar.gz source packet

is available for download. An automated procedures will ensure synchronizations between tar.gz releases and CVS updates.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2003-12-03


CVS is currently working even if the project stats show 0 commits and 0 add! This is a temporary KNOWN BUG about CVS STATS on SF.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2003-12-01

Akira is coming back!

The home page http://www.akira-project.org due is still work in progress is now available! CVS Repository is
working. Good job to everybody.

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2003-10-16

AKIRA is temporary down

Due to a reorganization work the project and the links
are temporary down. Please be patient. At the end of october the whole things will be back in a more rational and fashionable manner! Thanks

Posted by Gianguglielmo Calvi 2003-09-19

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