Motorola's Open Source Community Contributions

In addition to code and projects hosted on, Motorola actively participates in many projects within the Open Source community. Original, Motorola-sponsored code and projects from the company are hosted on this site, while contributions to other communities or projects are made directly to the existing project's site/repository.

Motorola participates in, and contributes to, the following Open Source projects and communities:

  • Precision Process Accounting - Improvements to the Linux kernel to enhance system capacity, security, availability and reliability. This project also enables faster root cause analysis of issues.
  • ARM Linux Kprobes Port - A port of the Kprobes kernel debugging tools to the ARM Linux project.
  • WebKit Browser Engine Project - Motorola is porting ~WebKit to our Linux-Java platform and will be making these changes available to the ~WebKit community.
  • GStreamer - Motorola is contributing bug and performance fixes.
  • OpenSAF - Open Source Service Availability Frameworks project comprised of Ericsson, HP, Motorola, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Motorola is contributing SAF code to this project.
  • InfoDock - Integrated productivity tool set built atop XEmacs with an extended menu-based user interface
  • OO-Browser - Object-oriented class browser for Emacs with support for browsing C, C++, Common Lisp, Eiffel, Java, Objective-C, Python and Smalltalk
  • Hyperbole - Open, efficient, programmable information management and hypertext system for any UNIX platform supported by Emacs
  • VHDL Mode - Emacs major mode for editing VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language) code
  • JSR Contributions - Java Specfication Request development and reference implementations, including JSRs 271, 82, 118, and 135.
  • Gatling - Gatling is an open and extensible test framework for mobile devices.

Motorola's Open Source Standards Contributions

Motorola participates in many Open Source standards efforts such as: