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OS distribution Software

  • Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon
    Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon

    Reliable & Secure Business Phone Systems

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  • Vuu-do Icon


    GNU/Linux project, using Devuan as a base.

    Vuu-do linux is a small, lightweight project based on Devuan, and re-spun from Miyolinux. This is a minimal setup to build on with the programs of your choice. There's an Openbox and also a Mate version. All images are hybrid-isos (live-CD/USB), so you can test prior to install. Current images are non-uefi enabled, efi-versions to come later. This project has been localized for English and UTF-8. It has all the infrastructure and utilities needed for a base system. It's pretty cushy for Openbox, makes it easy for even a new user. The Mate version is similar but with the added functionality of the Mate DE. There is also a maximal version of both, with many added programs. VUU-DO stands for Veteran Unix User-do, because if I can do it, so can YOU. And all thanks to some great VUA's who make VUU's possible! Vuu-do is powered by Devuan with a whole lotta fsmithred/Refracta magic and Miyolinux soul. Use "Browse All Files" link above to select a version to download.

    Downloads: 22 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Good Life Linux Icon

    Good Life Linux

    Minimal and base LXDE, Openbox, and Xfce operating systems.

    Good Life Linux was made so that users with older hardware could install a minimal and base LXDE, Openbox, or Xfce system in order to make their system into what they need without any additional bloat to remove. Featuring the artwork of Ghost Sixtyseven, you get an attractive, stable, and base system (that's low on resources) which allows you to add only what you want or need. What goes on your system is up to you. There are no major applications preinstalled; such as, Firefox, Chromium, LibreOffice, Abiword, VLC, etc. No major applications are forced on you. They can easily be installed with the Synaptic Package Manager or the terminal. Aside from including some preinstalled wireless firmware, all that you get are a few essential tools and a few applications that are required by LXDE or Xfce. Other than that, you're free to install what you want on your system.

    Downloads: 20 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • LED = Live Easy Debian

    The live version of Debian Testing Distribution

    One activity - one application. The live version of Debian Testing contains these necessary applications: - Lightweight desktop environment - One browser - One IM client - One office suite - One video player - One music player - One scanning tool - One printing tool - One remote desktop client - A wi-fi and bluetooth cards support - A persistent user data and system settings saving You can ISO image burn to CD or unpack to flash disk using Unetbootin. The i386 ISO image doesn't support UEFI, only booting in BIOS (Legacy) Mode.

    Downloads: 20 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Nelum-Dev1 Icon


    Light and fast Linux distribution based on Devuan

    Note: Install and do sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to bring the distro up to date. Date 06.05.2017. Try the Testing distro (Ascii) Nelum-Dev1 is a light and fast Linux distribution, based on Devuan. Read about Devuan https://devuan.org/ and join the community. Nelum-Dev1 is created to showcase Devuan. Devuan is quite snappy, and without systemd. Nelum-Dev1 is one of the first live isos based on Devuan available at the moment. Available: Nelum-Dev1 on Openbox, Nelum-Dev1-XFCE, Nelum-Dev1-MATE, Nelum-Dev1-XFCE-Testing. (Username and password is live) Enjoy! To install the Openbox iso, open the File Manager and double click on Nelum Installer and follow the instructions. The auto-updating menu would pop up, when you move the cursor to the left bottom edge of the screen. The top left corner the Run command box would open. The top right corner would show all open windows. How to Devuan, https://git.devuan.org/dev1fanboy/Upgrade-Install-Devuan/wikis/home

  • Ikki Boot

    Ikki Boot is a Live CD multiboot which aims troubleshooting, disk partitioning, rescue, backup and restore data. It contains : SliTaz, GParted, Clonezilla and a lot of tools like TestDisk, Darik's Boot and Nuke and Super Grub Disk

    Downloads: 18 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • freebsd-gnome-livecd

    FreeBSD GNOME LiveCD built using the latest marcuscom ports

    Latest stable version - GNOME 3.18 - working Latest unstable version - GNOME 3.19 - working This project provides live systems built using the latest FreeBSD release and the latest GNOME ports from the FreeBSD GNOME project. Scripts used to build the LiveCDs are also available for downloading. The scripts are largely based on this article: https://wiki.freebsd.org/AvgLiveCD Note: This is not a general-purpose LiveCD! I track the development version instead of the stable version, so if you need to do things other than previewing the latest (possibly unstable) GNOME release, please download the scripts to make your own LiveCDs. If any bug is found, please download the debug version LiveCD to find the cause and report it to the FreeBSD GNOME project or GNOME bugzilla. Starting from GNOME 3.12, most portability patches or FreeBSD-specific patches are merged in the upstream, so you can also directly use JHBuild on FreeBSD to check whether an issue is already fixed in the upstream.

    Downloads: 18 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Bella OS Icon

    Bella OS

    a beautiful and beginner-friendly Linux desktop operating system

    Bella OS is a beautiful and beginner-friendly 64bit Linux desktop operating system. Launch release version 2.2 is now live! - fully functional Live-CD/ISO, or install to hard drive/VM - comes complete with a curated suite of high-quality web, office and entertainment applications - takes design queues from several modern operating systems - declutters and beautifies the desktop - built from Xubuntu LTS/Debian Linux - large community support and software compatibility The top Linux applications for work and play are already installed and configured with the most popular options. Web Browser - Firefox Photo Album - Shotwell Music - Banshee DVD/Media Player - VLC Image Editor - GIMP Office Suite - Libre Office CD Burner - Brasero Password Manager - KeePassX Software - Ubuntu Software Center Firewall Manager - GUFW Games - Kenta Cho (assortment) Application Dock - Plank Bella means beautiful in Italian. www.bellaos.org

  • Android x86 4.0 RC2 reconfigure keyboard

    Set of patchs to made a configuration file of physical Spanish keyboard from Spain (and for any other language) for Android x86 4.0 RC2, incorpore other patch like arm emulator for can run APP with have ARM code. This project is made from original files of official web "http://www.android-x86.org". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conjunto de parches para crear un archivo de configuración del teclado físico en español de España (y para cualquier otro idioma) para Android x86 4.0 RC2, incorpora otros parches como el emulador arm para ejecutar APP con código ARM. Esta realizado a partir de los archivos de la página web original y oficial "http://www.android-x86.org".

  • Cinnarch Icon


    The perfect combination

    An elegant desktop as Cinnamon running over an Archlinux flavored distro.

  • Clu-Linux-Live Icon


    Various Processing and Data Rescue Tools over Wired or Wireless Networ

    This Linux Live CD provides Various Processing Command Line Utilities (Clu) and Data Rescue Tools which can be used on a Wired or Wireless Network. On Startup it prompts the user to change password, mount all filesystems available locally, start wireless network ( if wifi interface present ), start network connection services (ssh/sftp) and present user with a console for executing various utilities i.e Text, Image, Audio, Video, Downloading etc. on their FileSystems that are mounted. Googling on Linux ( or bash ) Command Line Utility for doing xyz task, will help the user to get examples of the same. For Data Rescue, programs like FileZilla can be installed on networked machines to access the Live CD Machine for copying data files and folders. Refer Video / Screenshot on the same for connection parameters and downloading option. Also Pen Drives and External USB Hard Drives can be connected before startup on the live cd machine to take backups using mcfm or cp or rsync command.

    Downloads: 17 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • CyanogenMod 13 Icon

    CyanogenMod 13

    Android Marshmallow for MSM8930 Samsung Devices

    Pure CyanogenMod 13

    Downloads: 17 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • VirtualBox Linux Images

    VirtualBox Linux Images for Russia

    VirtualBox Linux Images for Russia. Мы предлагаем Open Source (Linux и Unix) образы виртуальных машин (в VDI формате) для VirtualBox, устанавливаем и делаем их готовыми к использованию в VirtualBox для вас. Все дистрибутивы русифицированы, по возможности в них уже будет установлен VirtualBox Guest Additions, чтобы вы могли использовать с хорошим разрешением экрана. Мы пишем учетные данные для каждого VDI образа (логин и пароль).

    Downloads: 17 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Debian-Mate Icon


    Debian Wheezy 7.2 + Mate 1.6 For Non-PAE Desktops and Laptops!

    Debian Wheezy 7.2 and Mate Desktop 1.6, but with the 486 Kernel for Non-PAE Deskops and Laptops. It's a Live version that runs from a USB stick or can be installed from the desktop to the Hard Drive. This build also includes remastersys, the program used to create this live version, unetbootin for copying to USB Sticks ect.. Everything thing that is needed to customize and release your own versions of a Debian + Mate Desktop is right here. Or you can use it as your regular OS if you choose.

  • Ramone Linux Icon

    Ramone Linux

    A DIY Linux distribution

    Ramone is a DIY GNU/Linux distribution based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) project. RPM is used as Ramone's package manager, and you can use 'yum', 'mock' on Ramone. The default desktop environment is GNOME, and KDE, XFCE, LXDE are also supported. There are two architectures in Ramone release now: i686 and x86_64. The last release is 0.99.

  • Exton|OS Icon


    Exton|OS 64 bit based on Ubuntu/Debian with Mate/Openbox

    ABOUT Exton|OS Mate and Exton|OS Light are based on Ubuntu 64 bit and Debian. Exton|OS's two ISO files are ISO-hybrids, which means that they can easily be transferred (copied) to a USB stick. You can then even run Exton|OS from the USB stick and save all your system changes on the stick. I.e. you will enjoy persistence! Such an installation is done in the same way as a hard drive installation. Or you can use UNetbootin in Windows or Linux. IMPORTANT ABOUT REFRACTA TOOLS Refracta tools are pre-installed in Exton|OS (both versions). Use them to create your own live installable Ubuntu system. Another great thing is that Exton|OS can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 3 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD/CD) or USB stick. You'll need at least 2 GB RAM to run Exton|OS that way.

    Downloads: 16 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • LineageOS for BLU Pure XL

    Project site for LineageOS for BLU Pure XL (MT6795).

    Downloads: 16 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • android4desktop Icon


    Android for Desktop

    Its Android for Desktops. 100% free. Live + Installable ISO image Current version - Android 4.4.4 Click - https://sourceforge.net/projects/android422x86/ for a android jellybean version with UEFI support

    Downloads: 16 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • LXDMint Icon


    A "Peppermint 8" re-spin...

    I loved "Peppermint 6" and its more LXDE feel. I have again updated all apps, applied a new theme, and re-spun the superb "Peppermint 8". The XFCE panel and whisker-menu [althoughstill available] is replaced by default with the LXDE panel and it's settings. Importantly, the 'Nemo' file-manager is retained. All other superb functionality and control features of Peppermint remain, and I have added some 'Internet' and 'Sound and Video' personal favourites. The latest 'iso' file has a dark'Crux' theme as standard, but the green, red, and blue themes are still available. This is my way of extending the version 6 'feel' to 2021! *User = 'live', pw = 'live' on the latest 'iso', but till 'evil' on the older ones, where required, and "gnome-disk-utility" is the preferred way to 'restore' the image[s] to create a bootable USB. Enjoy..! **Remember to 'apt-update' and 'apt-upgrade' after install to enable all apps to be seen in"synaptic" and 'CLI', Enjoy!

  • Shell OS Icon

    Shell OS

    Build by Rajib Acharyya(Spid3r64) ANONIMITY Metasploit Armitage Cobalt Strike & veil WIRELESS SECURITY SNIFFERS PYTHON,PERL & RUBY FORENSICS BRUTE FORCE & DDOS ANDROID TOOLS Based on : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS(32bit) (Custom Backbox) user:root pass:india Kernel version =>3.8.0-29 generic Desktop environment's => xfce,conky,Docky Version 1.0(full) Extra Softwares inbuilt => Skype,Virtualbox,Filezila,Chromium Browser,XDM(Xtreme Download Manager) ,Gimp,Python...many more Credit List: Pedro Ubuntu(r00tsect0r) For Netool.sh Asif Iqbal (cobalt strike) w0lf3nst3in3 Rohit Verma(Startx) Navonil Sanpui(M3ghnath) Team BHS

  • Simplix Linux

    Simplix Linux is an easy to use operating system for desktop home computers. It is a live image for USB sticks or SD cards based on Debian GNU/Linux and is made for German speaking users.

  • Manjaro WebDad Icon

    Manjaro WebDad

    Manjaro WebDad comes with Just Another Desktop Environment (JADE) made with Web technologies. Jade is a completely different DE concept, that changes the way you interact with your desktop, is made to be easy to use, independently of your computer skills. It has Smart Workspaces (called Spaces) that enables and disables, running processes and applications as needed, enabling your software to take advantage of your computer resources. This is a work in progress. Questions, Bugs, Features, drop a post in the Manjaro Forum. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-webdad-community-edition/34571/19

    Downloads: 14 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • PCLinuxOS Br Edition Icon

    PCLinuxOS Br Edition

    Versão nacional da distro PCLinuxOS

    Site das versões localizadas da distribuição PC Linux OS.

    Downloads: 14 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Hanthana Linux Project Icon

    Hanthana Linux Project

    Hanthana Linux Project

    Hanthana is a Linux based operating system and a Fedora remix suitable for desktop and laptop users. Hanthana comes to you in the form of a Live CD/DVD for regular PC (i386 and x86_64 arc) systems. Apart from the providing Hanthana Linux ISO, we do hands on training for free of charge. Visit our blog and see what we do. http://blog.hanthana.org Moreover we are working on deploying Hanthana Linux powered ICT labs in rural schools. http://school.hanthana.org So, this is not just a remix of Fedora but a project that has more wider scope.

  • 3du Arch

    Сборки ArchLinux с инсталлятором

    Русскоязычные сборки Arch Linux. Имеют собственный установщик, написанный автором на bash.

    Downloads: 13 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • MyWolfe Icon


    Starting with MyWolfe-028 all further release will have Xfce-4.8 desktop. I will also be using Firefox web browser. Xine media player and Gimp image editor. It is still being built using BarryK Woof build system. More pets to come.

    Downloads: 13 This Week Last Update: See Project

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