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OS distribution Software

  • The Sight of Sound The Sight of Sound Icon
    The Sight of Sound Icon

    ­ Improve VoIP Visibility from SIP to RTP

    Cloudbased voice solutions are common in enterprise networks and frustrating for operations teams to manage. Simplify VoIP monitoring by having a proactive analysis of on-prem, hybrid and UCaaS voice services. Try the ThousandEyes VoIP monitoring solution today, free.
  • Less Systemd GNU/Linux Icon

    Less Systemd GNU/Linux

    Independent GNU/Linux distribution

  • CoreSec Linux Operating System (HaCore) Icon

    CoreSec Linux Operating System (HaCore)

    Linux Operating System based for Penetration Testing and Multi-tasking

    SUPPORT and GUIDES here: http://coresecproject.com/community/ * This Project has been Removed and will be up anytime soon, Visit our Forums!. - Dev Group CoreSec Linux Operating System / Distribution, release codename HaCore Linux. based for Penetration Testing and multi-tasking.



    Linux Security Distro for Data Forensics, Pen. Testing, and IR.

    RŌNIN is a linux security distribution (based on Lubuntu) that provides a platform for both training and conducting professional data forensics, penetration testing, and incident response. The primary objective of RŌNIN is to provide a fast/light linux desktop along with a curation of security tools and resources that are relevant for professionals, instructors, and students alike. In support of this objective, the RŌNIN project is guided by two main goals: * Focus on Continual Learning - The project provides a platform for continual learning by providing not only a professional tool-set but also easy access to relevant documentation, resources, and training. * Process Driven Approach- The project's tool layout integrates a process driven approach to reflect structured engagements using such standards as PTES. *Work Platform - While RŌNIN, can be run as VM, it is pre-loaded with popular desktop applications to provide a viable professional work platform.

  • DebEX Barebone Linux 64 bit Icon

    DebEX Barebone Linux 64 bit

    DebEX 64 bit Live DVD with LXDE or Gnome/Mate respectively KDE Plasma

    All three systems/distributions are a based on Debian Buster/Sid (upcoming Debian 10). KERNEL All three DebEX systems use my special kernel 4.13.0-16-exton. (Kernel PROGRAM content As the name suggests, DebEX Barebone has only a minimum of software installed in advance. Among them LXTerminal, PCManFM, Leafpad, AlsaPlayer, NetworkManager, Thunderbird, Firefox, GParted and Synaptic. In version 171026 and 171203 all common Gnome/Mate respectively KDE packages instead of LXDE. SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT DebEX uses Apt (apt-get) and Synaptic. I have also installed Pacapt ("an Arch's pacman-like package manager"). DESKTOP LXDE, Gnome 3.26/Mate 1.18 respectively KDE (Plasma) 4.16 are used as Desktop environments. RUNS FROM RAM That ability allows DebEX LXDE to be very fast, since reading and writing data from/to RAM is much faster than on a hard disk drive. REFRACTA tools Build your own Debian live installable system! Very easy! Calamares in DebEX KDE!

  • Zencafe Icon


    Zencafe GNU / Linux

    ZENCAFE GNU/LINUX Mainly design to use for Internet Cafe desktop, Zencafe polished in many ways and easy enough to operated. Included autorecovery and internet cafe management software, Zencafe is the best and the first Linux solution that suitable for internet cafe.

  • Bachata Linux Icon

    Bachata Linux

    A minimal Debian based Linux system

    A minimal Debian based Linux system with fully functional bash shell (with GNU coreutils, not BusyBox), TCP/IP networking with DHCP client and APT setup to be able to install any package from the Debian repositories.

  • Web Developers Tools Linux x64 Live DVD Icon

    Web Developers Tools Linux x64 Live DVD

    A Linux live DVD with tools for develop web sites

    W.D.T live DVD is a Debian live distribution amd64 with tools to make web pages, with PHP and CSS frameworks . You can work without internet conection. The DVD image is less than 1,2Gb. The installation on Hard Drive is the same of live system DVD. Some Packages installed: Lxde-Desktop, Apache2, Aptana Studio 3, Java 7, JDK 7, Mysql-server, Php5, Php5-mysql, PhpMyAdmin, Icewasel, Google-Chrome, +Extensions, Filezilla, Bluefish, Xchat, Gimp, Zenmap. Wordpress(ready to use)-EN & ES, +themes + plugins. (Login & Password of Mysql database is "root").

  • justbrowsing Icon


    Just Browsing - when all you need is a web browser.

    Web browsing made simple. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and that's it. New: 64-bit edition now available Read more @ http://justbrowsing.info If all you use your computer for is checking email, social networking, watching cat videos and online shopping, this is the distro for you. Perfect for guests, user privacy in mind with a lock screen and browsing history is always erased on power off. Blog: http://justbrowsingcd.tumblr.com Contact info: http://justbrowsing.info/support Free and Open Source Software (FOSS): https://github.com/justbrowsing/justbrowsing Based on Arch Linux

  • lnt

    lnt (Linux-new-technology) soll eine auf Debian (stable & testing) basierende Distribution werden die mittels eigenen Programmen und Skripten noch einfacher zu bedienen sein soll, durch die Integration von Debian testing aber aktuell und doch stabil.

  • ProxLinux Icon


    A light yet fully featured Ubuntu based Linux distro.

    A lightweight 64bit Lubuntu based distro designed to be beautiful, feature filled, productive and little unconventional. Gone is your traditional 'Start' menu, instead right click anywhere on the desktop or panel to access your menu. Inspired by Fluxbox and Fluxbuntu but built with Openbox. Out of the box ProxLinux comes with the standard suite of Lubuntu packages with some added extras and beautifully themed. We really hope you enjoy using ProxLinux 3 and welcome your feedback.

  • PuppEX Xenial Linux Live CD Icon

    PuppEX Xenial Linux Live CD

    PuppEX Xenial is a remaster of Puppy Linux

    ABOUT PuppEX Xenial 32 bit is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, which means that Ubuntu packages for Ubuntu 16.04 can be installed and used in PuppEX. The PuppEX Xenial ISO is of 585 MB. KERNEL Kernel 4.7.1-x86-pae-puppex is used in PuppEX Xenial and 4.7.2-x86_64-puppex in PuppEX Slack64. PACKAGES INSTALLED PuppEX uses the original LxPup Desktop. I have added Google Chrome (for Netflix), Gimp, VLC, Emacs and some development tools RUNNING FAST The ISO file is on the whole 585 MB, which is due to me including Gimp, Vlc, Emacs, Google Chrome and some compiling tools. PuppEX Xenial is despite this still running as fast as the original, which means it runs very, very fast compared to most other Linux systems. (Puppy/PuppEX runs from RAM). MOST important CHANGES in PuppEX Slack64 I've changed kernel from 4.1.11 to 4.7.2-x86_64-puppex and installed NVIDIA Graphics driver 367.35. The Nvidia driver will be used if your computer/card is "modern" enough.

  • Opera OS

    The secure and fast operating system with opera, flash player and slit

    the chrome browser has chrome os, firefox has webian. And now, opera has: Opera OS. Opera OS a lightning fast operating system based on slitaz 3.0, the smallest complete distro. Featuring opera, one of the fastest browsers available for linux, and flash player. And all that is packed into just 65 megabytes!

  • UbuntuES Icon


    Basada en Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS Escritorio GNOME-SHELL (indicadores Instalados) Versiónes 32 y 64 bits Kernel: 3.2.0.-37 pae y normal respectivamente Modo: Probar o Instalar (live cd/dvd) Idioma por defecto: Español-Castellano Indicada para iniciados,fácil para empezar

  • LinuxSimple: ubuntu para mayores

    LinuxSimple: es una adaptación de la distribución ubuntu, personalizada para personas mayores. LinuxSimple: is an adaptation of the ubuntu distribution, customized for seniors. Persistencia del HOME en un pendrive. HOME persistence in a pendrive.

  • iGolaware Linux 2.0

    iGolaware is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution, fine tuned for all your needs, that you require from your PC at home. We've included many extra programs, codecs and drivers that give the best ever PC user experience.

  • ArchOne Icon


    ArchOne is an archlinux-based live usb designed for Acer Aspire One netbook (it also compatible with other netbook). For more info, visit http://archone.sourceforge.net

  • hamOS Icon


    Debian respin for amateur radio

    Holy Canoli! This has gotten pretty out of date as far as linux is concerned. The maintainer suggests giving a look to either https://www.debian.org/blends/hamradio/ --- or --- https://sourceforge.net/projects/kb1oiq-andysham/ Those projects are based on current and maintained software. ----here is the original description---- A Debian based Live and Installable operating system for radio amateurs. hamOS contains many preinstalled ham radio applications as well as a custom menu. This respin is geared toward the newer linux user. hamOS uses the lightweight LXDE desktop environment and is therefore suitable for older hardware (I've used it on a PII 300mHz machine w/ 256mb ram). Check out the GetExtras folder on the desktop to run some custom scripts that will automatically grab flash, codecs, and other non-libre software. --... ...--

  • ArchEX Linux Live DVD Icon

    ArchEX Linux Live DVD

    ArchEX is a new (171129) Linux live DVD based on Arch Linux.

    WHAT IS IT? ArchEX 64bit is a new (171129) Linux live DVD based on Arch Linux. Arch motto is KISS ("Keep It Simple Stupid"). ArchEX uses kernel 4.13.12-1-ARCH and the Deepin and LXQt Desktop environments. Yaourt – a Pacman frontend is installed. NEWS 171129 Deepin 15.5 (made in China!) is included. ArchEX INSTALLER ArchEX can easily be installed to hard drive while running the system live. (From DVD/USB). You can then change locale from English to any other language. Slideshow: http://archex.exton.net/calamares-slideshow-new.gif USB INSTALLATION Install ArchEX to a USB Pen Drive with persistence: http://archex.exton.net/?page_id=15 BENEFITS of ArchEX/Arch Linux "Cutting Edge"-software and speed. You will for example always run the latest kernel if you upgrade ArchEX/Arch (for example) every month. Default locale/language: English A YouTube video about ArchEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPlHLEr6Ld0&feature=youtu.be READ MORE: http://archex.exton.net.

  • MorpheusArch Linux Dual ISO Icon

    MorpheusArch Linux Dual ISO

    Data-Recovery Focused Arch Linux Variant.

    [ATTENTION] This version of MorpheusArch Linux is the legacy version. My main focus now is maintaining the MorpheusArch Linux - LXQt version. This file will remain here for those who must have 32 bit CPU architecture support. List of packages can be found here. http://pastebin.com/2M1ccK6z This live iso of MorpheusArch Linux is intended to be used for data-recovery only and not meant to be used by people as their primary operating system.

  • CherryBuntu

    A unique Unix-like operating system based on Ubuntu, using LXDE.

    CherryBuntu Linux or CBL for short is a free operating system, targeted at the enthusiastic user who wants to broaden their horizons by using open source software on their machines. It is built and based on Lubuntu.

  • Tinkerboard Linaro Multi Desktop Icon

    Tinkerboard Linaro Multi Desktop

    Maintenance Update: Fixed KDE mouse freeze after screen idleness. LXDM Login Manager Image now fits on a 8gb SD card Desktops: KDE LXQT LXDE MATE XFCE Browsers: Chromium Firefox

  • Slontoo Icon


    An operating system based on Funtoo

    Slontoo is an operating system based on Funtoo Linux. It uses the Linux Mint live installer to simplify the installation procedure. Slontoo tries to provide most appropriate tools for home and office use, including: - Audio/Video player - CD burner - Image editor - IM client - Libreoffice suite - Web browser - Mail client

  • nuclewall Icon


    pfSense tabanlı hotspot dağıtımı.

  • Versatile embedded  environment  Icon

    Versatile embedded environment

    The clash New Generation now focuses on making a versatile OS environment for embedded systems allowing users to customize the resulting platform into routers, firewalls, 3G gateways, access points, emergency rescue system or even diskless clients.

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