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  • Join us at Talend Connect! Join us at Talend Connect! Icon
    Join us at Talend Connect! Icon

    Get your tickets to the best data-driven event of the year!

    May 7 – May 9. Use discount code TCCommunity2018 for $200 off.
  • Find out what (or who) is slowing down your network Find out what (or who) is slowing down your network Icon
    Find out what (or who) is slowing down your network Icon

    Get comprehensive network bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring with SolarWinds® Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.

    Network slow, but you don't know the cause? Use Bandwidth Analyzer Pack (BAP) to monitor and analyze network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns. With BAP, you can identify which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth. You can also monitor Wireless LAN Controller traffic to see what applications and clients are using your wireless network. Try it free for 30 days!
  • Snappy Driver Installer Icon

    Snappy Driver Installer

    Snappy Driver Installer is an application for installing/updating drivers on PCs running Microsoft Windows using driverpacks or included folders with drivers. It can be used to install drivers on newly assembled PCs at places where Internet isn't available. Users can also use the software to keep their drivers up to date.

  • QCDMan Icon


    Small utility to control CD/DVD/BD-ROM tray. Able to open, close, lock and unlock tray of any mounted removable device using customizable hotkeys or GUI. MS Windows XP, Vista or 7 required.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • RAM Refresh Icon

    RAM Refresh

    Desfragmentador automático de Memoria RAM

    Un muy útil programa que le permite desfragmentar la memoria RAM de su sistema, eliminando los espacios ocupados por juegos o programas, que no se liberan al cerrar la aplicación, mejorando así ampliamente el funcionamiento de la computadora.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • UK Super-extended keyboard Icon

    UK Super-extended keyboard

    UK international/unicode keyboard driver for Windows

    Free Windows keyboard driver that extends AltGr to provide comprehensive accented character support (including multi-accented characters), international punctuation, IPA, medieval characters, mathematical and non-mathematical symbols, and more. Designed for UK keyboards and installs as a regular keyboard layout option. I might adapt it for US keyboards if there's enough interest. The driver should be stable (built using MSKLC, which is mature) but classified as beta because it has not yet been tested on a wide variety of systems (please give feedback!) Note that this can't display characters not supported in fonts on your system! Also if you enter an unusual symbol in some programs such as MS Word the font might switch to one which includes that symbol – this isn't anything the driver can control.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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