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Test and Measurement Software

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  • ECTk

    ECTk - The electrochemical tool kit

    ECTk, the electrochemical tool kit, is a command line based application built on Tcl. It allows to define electrochemical experiments either interactively or via a script file sourced by ECTk. Virtually any potensiostat can be driven, the only condition being that the instrument has analogue inputs and outputs. ECTk is developed and maintained by the Electrocatalytic Green Engineering Group at Concordia University. ECTk communicates via any analogue IO board supported by the comedi library. This offers a great flexibility as a large number of IO boards are supported by comedi. ECTk is running under Linux and was developed under Linux Ubuntu. ECTk was developed with the aim to conduct experiments in electrochemistry with a great flexibility. In particular, ECTk can be extended to satisfy the needs for a particular application. It is for example possible to drive, besides a potensiostat, simultaneously other instruments like a rotating electrode set-up.

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  • XGray

    A library to process X-ray images from the Heimann imaging system. The XGray library has interfaces to C++ and Tcl and includes the graphical program XRayLab, which is written Tcl.

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