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  • Infrastructure and application monitoring for Azure Infrastructure and application monitoring for Azure Icon
    Infrastructure and application monitoring for Azure Icon

    Monitor your Azure® infrastructure, application, and systems performance side by side in a single enterprise-monitoring tool

    So, you moved your applications and servers to Azure, but are they running any better and are you able to justify the investment? Without proper monitoring, you’re left guessing if application and server performance has improved, and when issues arise, you’re left scrambling to locate the root cause. SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) can monitor your Azure workloads side by side with your on-premises workloads to help ensure optimal application performance.
  • Threading Building Blocks

    Threading Building Blocks offers a rich and complete approach to expressing parallelism in a C++ program. It is a library that helps you leverage multi-core processors for performance and scalability without having to be a threading expert.

  • Foad (EKG Processing) Icon

    Foad (EKG Processing)

    Foad is an open source software which receive an EKG Signal from scanner, WFDB database or heart sensors. Finding patient disease started by taking Fourier transform (FFT) from input signal and extract a single cycle. Based on some heuristic algorithm the most important feature like P , Q , R , S , T captured and feed to trained neural network. and so the final decision made by CNN library. As mentioned before this software also capable do some image processing on scanned paper to lower...

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  • Tiny Bit Bang

    tbb is a simple command line interface for FT232R and FT245R Bit Bang Mode. Since version 0.02, I2C host emulation command tbbi2c added. And since version 0.05, you can build the binaries for mac, linux and windows (experimental).

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