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Top Apps

  • License This HTML5 Speed Test for Your ISP or Network License This HTML5 Speed Test for Your ISP or Network Icon
    License This HTML5 Speed Test for Your ISP or Network Icon

    Are you an ISP or network administrator looking for a reliable, accurate, & affordable HTML5 speed test that works on all devices?

    The SourceForge Speed Test measures Latency/Ping, Jitter, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Buffer Bloat, and Packet Loss. Upon completion, you can view detailed reports about your connection. This HTML5 speed test does not require Flash or Java, and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones. Host on your own infrastructure or use ours. For licensing, inquire today.
  • Compare Cell Phone Plans at Wirefly Compare Cell Phone Plans at Wirefly Icon
    Compare Cell Phone Plans at Wirefly Icon

    You’re probably paying too much for cell phone service. Wirefly compares hundreds of plans to help you save.

    You’re probably paying too much for cell phone service. Wirefly compares hundreds of plans to help you save. Enter what you need (minutes, data, texts) into Wirefly’s innovative plan comparison tools and see your savings instantly.
  • NavIt Icon


    Modular, touch screen friendly navigation system with GPS tracking, realtime routing engine and support for various vector map formats. Works on a wide range of devices, from computers to smartphones.

  • PortaBase

    A Portable Database

    A personal database application for Maemo devices as well as PCs running Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows. It can be used as a shopping list, password manager, media inventory, financial tracker, TODO list, address book, photo album, and more.

  • PhotoKit Icon


    Photo browser with impressive 3D effects, slide effects and animations

    PhotoKit is a photo browser with impressive 3D effects and many slide effects. Features: 3D effects Slide effects (my another project NextEffect). Multi-touch (e.g. on N9) EXIF information. Share images to sina weibo. (for Chinese users) Online images with Google image search. Build debian package (make deb). PhotoKit can not manager photos now, just viewing. It will be possible in the future. The UI of PhotoKit is based on Qt graphics framework (except filedialog), so you will have the same experience on all platforms. On N9, it only supports landscape mode because the limitation of QWidget. At the begining, i just use many QWidget based components, but they are very ugly on Harmattan, so I have to wrote these components using graphics framework, e.g. button, textinput and dialog. The work is hard, but the result is good. You can find PhotoKit OS2 there:

  • QtAV Icon


    A multimedia framework based on Qt and FFmpeg

    QtAV is a cross-platform and high performance multimedia playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg. Features: timeline preview, gpu decoding etc

  • Simple XBMC Remote Icon

    Simple XBMC Remote

    Simple application for controlling XBMC remotely, via the EventServer. Can navigate your video collection, start/pause/stop movies, skip forward and back, control the volume, switch the existing subtitles. Get the latest binaries from Ovi.

  • Searching for Affordable Business Phone Service? Searching for Affordable Business Phone Service? Icon
    Searching for Affordable Business Phone Service? Icon

    If you're on the hunt for business phone service that is reliable and budget-friendly, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is your answer.

    Today's small-to-medium-sized (SMB) businesses and large enterprises are saving on their monthly communications costs by making one simple decision: to switch to a VoIP service solution from their old, outdated Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). By choosing a new VoIP service, these companies enjoy the flexibility, reliability, call features, and audio quality that only a VoIP service can provide. Plus, they cut their phone bill by up to 70%!
  • ParkMeeCrazy! Icon


    A "Rush Hour"/"Traffic Jam" game clone written in Qt+QML

    This is a "Rush Hour" / "Traffic Jam" game clone written in Qt+QML.

  • Presage

    the intelligent predictive text entry platform

    Presage (formerly Soothsayer) is an intelligent predictive text entry system. Presage generates predictions by modelling natural language as a combination of redundant information sources. Presage computes probabilities for words which are most likely to be entered next by merging predictions generated by the different predictive algorithms. Presage's modular and extensible architecture allows its language model to be extended and customized to utilize statistical, syntactic, and semantic predictive algorithms. Presage's predictive capabilities are implemented by predictive plugins. Predictive plugins use services provided by the platform to implement multiple prediction techniques.

  • Blubbels

    A small puzzle game written in Qt4 (Jawbreaker clone)

  • QRemoteControl-Server Icon


    QRemoteControl is a remote control application for your mobile phone.

    QRemoteControl is a remote control application for your mobile phone. This is the server part of QRemoteControl. The client application is currently available for Android, Blackberry, MeeGo and Symbian. You can download the client software and precompiled versions for Linux and the Raspberry Pi here:

  • mplayer-n9 Icon


    Meego Harmattan mplayer GUI frontend

    Simple and comfortable mobile GUI frontend for mplayer written in pure Qt4 Needs to install mplayer separately from here :

  • toMOTko Icon


    A flashcard application for learning foreign language vocabulary.

    toMOTko is a small flashcard application for learning foreign language vocabulary. It's specifically designed for people learning one or more foreign languages. Its unicode support is convenient for japanese, korean or chinese characters, etc. It's available for multiple platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Zaurus, and some Nokia phones. The interface is available in French, English, Spanish, and partially in German and Japanese.

  • fosdem-maemo

    FOSDEM Maemo application makes the conference schedule available offline. It supports searches on various items (speaker, topic, location, etc.). For Nokia Internet Tablets. Now we are extending the functionality to support Pentabarf data format

  • qop

    Qt output parser for tar, zip, unzip, unrar with compressing/extracting progress indicator. Support platforms: windows, linux, EZX. Project on qt-apps: Latest update:

  • Trojita

    Trojitá, a Qt IMAP e-mail client

  • BeatMe

    A simple program for playing with GPX tracks and compare previous tracks with speed and power analysis. Application is targeted for QT running under Linux ... on Desktop PC with Ubuntu or Fedora distro for testing purpose..

  • location2sms

    Retrieve location and to send it as a SMS with a single click.

    Location2sms is free open source application for smartphones which allows users to retrieve their location and send it as a SMS with a single click. Location2sms requires Internet connection to load details about the position. The application heavily depends on GPS quality that the device delivers. Position accuracy of 20 meters can be expected. The address and the map are automatically updated if the position is changed. Thanks to several valuable contributors location2sms is available for several languages: English, German, Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian. The source code of the application is available under GPLv3 license at Gitorious: The application is developed using Qt and Qt mobility and it is powered by Google Maps API. Location2sms is available at Nokia Ovi Store for MeeGo Harmattan, Symbian^1, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Nokia Belle devices.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • liixuos Icon


    Liixuos is a project for open source Applications

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Audioed

    Simple audio editor which is optimized for Maemo, MeeGo devices. It will support features like Cut, Fade and so on for audio files. Based on Qt and GStreamer.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Transmi

    Open source journey planner for mobiles devices (like Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Java ME) designed for transport systems like Transmilenio.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DFileBrowser Icon


    DfileBrowser is a light file browser written in C++ and QML

    Dfilebrowser is a light file manager written in QT (C++ and QML) The goal is to research the way to do a multi-platform file manager using QT. First version was developed in QT using widgets for the UI but this presented some issues when porting to mobile devices because they are focused on QML. The last widget version was 1.1 and worked for desktops, KDE Plasma Active and Wetab tablets. Version 1.2 has been rewritten from the scratch using QML and also QT Quick components and currently works only on Meego Harmattan devices (Nokia N) and N950).

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • libwidgets Icon


    Widgets library in Qt/QML

    (lib)widgets is a library that makes the creation of widgets easier. It is also an application for Nokia N950 / N9 that provides widgets to Harmattan.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • MQModBus Icon


    ModBus for Mobile Platforms

    QModBus port to Android/Symbian using Qt4/Ministro libraries, uses libmodbus and qledmatrix

    Downloads: 4 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • GoOSC Icon


    An OSC application using QtQuick

    An OSC send and receive application using Qt and QtQuick which can run on Symbian and Meego devices

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • RoNOTE Icon


    Very Powerfull Crossplatform Qt Based Music Note Editor[Still Planing]

    Very Powerfull Crossplatform [Advanced] Music Note Editor [STILL PLANING,DONT DOWNLOAD IT] Qt based project Strong plugin system that can dynamicly connect to all types of application using specified drivers,even JS plugins. Strong editor host provided and shared with all plugins. Allow to import or export files and sounds to all type of music files using dynamic plugins,basically added GuitarPro,... Allow users to use multiple output and input devices such as Internal MIDI System,ISDB Instrument Sound Database,DirectX MIDI IO,... Provides a powerfull API for plugins and other devices to use. Includes over 50 usefull internal plugin. Internal amplifier known as RoNOTE/Amplifier project that can import to other applications. RoNOTE has its special proccess models that speedup the application very much. Thanks...

  • Qalligraphy

    A software which translates handwritten words into binary characters. It reads input from a graphics tablet or a touchscreen.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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