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Top Apps

  • Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon
    Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon

    Cloud Phone Service. Built for Business.

    • Over 50 business-class features
    • Easy setup. Professional installation.
    • CRM integration
  • Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Icon
    Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Icon

    See how Network Insight™ for Cisco® ASA, a feature of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager, can help.

    Get visibility into the health and performance of your entire Cisco ASA environment in a single dashboard. View VPN tunnel status and monitor firewall high availability, health, and readiness. Automatically discover and filter within ACLs, show rule hit counts, and detect shadow and redundant rules. Automate the monitoring and management of your ASA infrastructure in a fully integrated solution. Try it free for 30 days!
  • Google Play(Desktop Edition) Icon

    Google Play(Desktop Edition)

    Delivering products for at your fingure tips

    Delivering products for the web and desktop based on collaboration and ideas for the average desktop or web user and developer

    Downloads: 347 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Countryball World Icon

    Countryball World

    Play a turn-based strategy game with the funny countryballs!

    Easy game to understand, but not so easy to play. The game elapses by turns, which is a style of strategy game completely renowned. Player will be able to select one from around 200 countryballs, and launch a road to the conquest of the little balls's world. From buildings, farms, factories, and the Statue of Liberty, to improvements such as coining operations and immigration waves, player must take care of it's countryball, investing correctly their resources and points, like money, food, health, or happiness. But nothing stays the same forever, so player can change the political system; from dictatorship to republic, from monarchy to communism. Once possible, the recruitment should start and launch soldiers or ambassadors to the rival countryballs, depending if you want peace or war. But player must be careful, if something goes wrong, diseases or revolts may take place and that will slow down the countryball's progress. Is all up to you, you decide the destiny of your countryball.

  • MathBench PC Benchmark Icon

    MathBench PC Benchmark

    A benchmark to test your CPU, RAM, and system

    MathBench - KRIEG Technologies Developed by: Northumber, KRIEG Technologies This application tests your CPU clock, CPU cores, ALU performance, RAM clock speed and latency, the threading management and your system optimization. It is divided into five calculation: - Pi number calculation - Napier number calculation - Random number generator - Prime numbers generator - Fibonacci series calculation It has four default presets, but the benchmark can be manually configured. - Normal: for all PCs - Gaming: for gaming laptop and gaming PCs - Enthusiast: for the most powerful PCs configurations - Ultra: for PCs configurations with overclocking

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Radio Iubire

    Chat tv Game and movies

    This is a chat for windows users Features: Live TV Romania Movies language en/ Games 180 games

  • Easy YouTube Icon

    Easy YouTube

    Download And Share YouTube Videos Easily !

    Easy YouTube is a small tool that lets you download, watch and share YouTube videos easily. It is completely free and open source.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • External Task Manager Icon

    External Task Manager

    Simple and clear external task manager

    As was so irritated that in Windows 8 (8.1) is stupid task manager, specifically in the running tasks shows the crap and find eg. Explorer.exe task is quite a task, so I decided to create my own task manager that will satisfy my needs . So was the task manager ...

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • StartUp Actions Manager Icon

    StartUp Actions Manager

    Manage any kind of launching at Windows startup

    StartUp Actions Manager is a program that allows you to perform the actions that Windows does not allow and disregards. You can apply messages, web sites, files, programs or folders. Has a simple interface, but deep effectiveness and does not have any bug, besides being user-friendly. A useful tool to keep startup organized and automatically open stuff that is manually inaccessible.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Virtual Shortcuts Icon

    Virtual Shortcuts

    Create a virtual place to get a free-of-trash Windows desktop

    Manage your programs and files to get an easy access to them without consuming your desktop's space, memory and flexibility. Recreate a virtual space to fill it with shortcuts and leave the original Windows desktop with only a cute background.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • BasicTables Icon


    Build your own data tables with an easy Basic interface

    Effective and simple application that allows user to make organized tables with specific columns and items content. Easy to use, hard to get something wrong with this inevitable tool for every person that stores work or leisure information.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Countryball Comic Creator Icon

    Countryball Comic Creator

    Create countryball comics fast and easy

    Countryball Comic Creator is a special tool that allows user to create comics with the countryball's community favourite templates, blank files, custom comic files, or custom user images. It has features such as Countryballs, Sprites (which are common items found in the countryballs world), Shapes and others. It's perfect for new users; or experienced artists, but who desire to make quick comics out from nice ideas. The program demands completely low resources, works an all Windows versions, and is a good replacement for MS Paint or Photoshop.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Guess the Countryball Database Icon

    Guess the Countryball Database

    Full info about Guess the Countryball in a few clicks

    This useful data program allows user to easily browse all kind of information about the Guess the Countryball game series provided by Countryball World via Facebook. This includes a complete table for players, countries, images and champions hall of fame, besides the option of exporting these data-store tables to a TXT file.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Multiple Flash Game Trainer Icon

    Multiple Flash Game Trainer

    Modifies variables from a flash file of your choice

    A powerful program that allows you to modify variables ammounts and quantities on flash files (primarily aimed at games).

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • SocialBeat

    SocialBeat simplifies social networking.

    SocialBeat is being designed with easy of use in minds, allowing users to post, read, comment, and upload pictures, videos, and music to many popular sites.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Tags Editor Icon

    Tags Editor

    This software enable you to run HTML,CSS, VB Script and Java Script programs. This software support VB Script & Java Script components. you can run any kind of VB Script and Java Script programs without saving,just type program and view it in internal browser. you can run HTML,CSS,VB Script & Java Script components without full code of it. you can view your code in many browsers like Internal Browser,Default Browser,Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox,Safari or you can add your browser path in Options menu. this software also enable you to create advanced web pages using CSS. In this software you can type your html program on the left side and can view the output on the right side. this software also enable you to insert advanced CSS tags and all html tags. you can insert advanced CSS function like Buttons,Text Areas etc. only just filling simple information about it. this software is very easy to use. download it and try it.

  • Time & Date Icon

    Time & Date

    Time & Date is a simple clock and date widget with optional calendar.

    Clock & Date is a Windows desktop widget in the form of an executable (exe) file. Launch the application, while the application window top is visible you can move the clock by dragging the top. Then press fade or fade with calendar to take off the window boarders and place down the application so it can’t move, and it stays wherever you put it. It seems like a simple application, but to get everything perfect it took me awhile to get all the bugs out. Also, just in case I missed any bugs, there is a check for updates button at the top which will get you to the latest version. Thanks for your continued support for AJsApps!! If you have any problems, visit the forum!

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Titanium Browser

    Fast, on the go Browsing

    Levett Titanium 2 is the all-new web browser for Windows - a new browsing experience enhanced from the previous browser, Levett Chrome. Levett Titanium takes browsing to a whole new level, with multi-tab, Stickering/bookmarking, QuickDicting your tabs and more, all from one central location.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Willy Wortel Icon

    Willy Wortel

    Root simplifier

    Hi World, This progam simplifie roots until 100000000 (more is posibile but your cpu will overhead and i'm not responable) Oh you can use just Willy Wortel.exe and not the installer beacuse the installer include microsoft framework I'm srry for the spelling error's but i'm from Belgium (it's Belgium fries and not frenche fries and yes brussel is our capital!) you can send my E-mails at over speling error's. Het progamma vereenvoudigt dus wortels niks meer niks minder.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Word Cipher - Encryption/Decryption tool Icon

    Word Cipher - Encryption/Decryption tool

    Encryption/Decryption tool for words/hash/digits/encoded text

    Word Cipher - KRIEG Technologies Developed by: Northumber, KRIEG Technologies This application is developed for encode/decode words and translate them into commons encryption languages but also ancient ciphering language.You can encrypt/decrypt words or text or digits into: ----- Text Ciphering ----- Albam Latin (Temurah) Atbash Latin (Temurah) Avgad Latin (Temurah) Caesar Cipher Flipped Text ----- Text Rotation ----- ROT5 (Digits) ROT13 (Text) ROT18 (Text & Digits) ROT47 ----- Text to Number ----- Binary Hexadecimal ----- Text Encoding ----- Base 64 HTML Entities ----- Text Hashing ----- AES MD5 SHA1 (160 bit) SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 Word Cipher is a free-distributed software.

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