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Top Apps

  • Looking for an automated testing tool? Looking for an automated testing tool? Icon
    Looking for an automated testing tool? Icon

    mabl is the only ML-driven test automation service that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions for you.

    mabl provides code-free testing, integrated with your pipeline with no infrastructure to maintain. mabl uses machine learning models to automatically identify application issues, including javascript errors, visual regressions, broken links, increased latency, and more.
  • Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Icon
    Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Icon

    Build the Business Case for Effective Security Investments

    Your customers recognize the importance of security, but often don’t realize the urgency until they see something tangible. SolarWinds Risk Intelligence assigns value to your data vulnerability, helping you build a strong business case for data protection and triage the most important problems to tackle. Some powerful features include data risk communicated as financial impact, at-risk data discovery and PCI DSS, PAN & PII scans.
  • scriptkernel-libre

    script de compilação automatica do kernel linux-libre no ubuntu

    PT-BR script em bash para compilação automatica do kernel linux-libre no ubuntu 14.04+ para PC/NOTEBOOKs que tenha no minímo 2 GB de memoria RAM, baixa e compila tudo automaticamente usando CFLAGS -march=native + -Ofast, só sendo necessario escolher a arquitetura exata do seu processador no MENUCONFIG. OBS = Necessario minimo 13 GB livre no HD antes da execução do script ENGLISH: script in bash to automatically compile the linux-libre kernel in Ubuntu 14.04+ for PC / NOTEBOOK that has at least 2 GB of RAM memory , downloads and compiles everything automatically using CFLAGS -march=native + -Ofast , being only necessary to choose the architecture exact your processor in MENUCONFIG . NOTE = Needed least 13 GB free HD before script execution

  • RubyRL

    Mecha battles roguelike written in Ruby

  • TransacRolandoNestares

    Aplicación que registra transacciones

    Registra, elimina y realiza consultas de transacciones

  • Rapid Development Environment like no other! Rapid Development Environment like no other! Icon
    Rapid Development Environment like no other! Icon

    89% of Our Customers Reduced Development Cycles Using RAD Studio. Start today a 30-Day trial (no credit card needed).

    RAD Studio™: Build cross-platform apps ridiculously FAST!  The top challenges customers solved with RAD Studio while developing applications include: Creating fast runtime application performance (50%), Keeping up with latest platforms and devices (50%), Meeting project deadlines (37%), Deploying to multiple platforms (36%) and Responsive design for multiple device types (27%).
  • MobiLinux | Linux Desktop for Android Icon

    MobiLinux | Linux Desktop for Android

    Allowing you to use the Linux desktop everywhere you are

    MobiLinux is a mobile Linux distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 ARMv7 Build and is made to run on Android mobile phones while using little ram. This is based off and has been very much modified but should still be noted Requirments: - ARM based Android Mobile Phone - Android OS 2.2+ - ROOT ACCESS and BusyBox Binay - loop and ext2 kernel support - 2 GB of free space - 1 GHz CPU (dual-core or overclocked is recommended) - 512 RAM on board (1GB is recommended) - Network Connection (WLAN, LTE/EV-DO, GSM) (optional but suggested) - VNC Viewer - Terminal Emulator

  • Watchtem, Watch them all!

    This project allows a user to determine on which CPU (on any multi-core GNU/Linux Box) a certain process was being executed during a time interval t and t', how many times this process has issued a context switch, on which CPU, and so on.

  • JoFlash Prime

    What's a common factor of 333 and 148? JoFlash Prime is a simple program that calculates the factors of a given number, calculates the common factors of two numbers, or writes a table of primes up to a user specified number.

  • The Legend of Irithed Icon

    The Legend of Irithed

    The Legend of Irithed is a text-based adventure game.

    It's not much to look at right now, but The Legend of Irithed aims to be an immersive, text-based, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, adventure game with emphasis on dungeon crawling, treasure hunting, and combat. Use the discussion forum to report bugs and make suggestions. If you would like to get in contact with me directly, you can send me an email at For development news, follow @w_schatz on Twitter. Non-Windows users: You need to have python2 installed. If your computer doesn't have python2, or if you're not sure, you can get it , though you should be able to just navigate to the folder with in a terminal and type "python" without the quotes. Credits: Programming by M. William Schatz Dedicated testing by Gillian Renk and Josephine Phung

  • WordsGenerator

    Generate Possible Words For Words Game

    This is a python program that looks up possible words from a dictionary over 1,600 words. You type in letters that you have and the program will generate all possible words from the dictionary.

  • Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Icon
    Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Icon

    Monitor your multi-vendor storage to help ensure your applications get the performance & capacity they need with SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor.

    SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) gives you multi-vendor storage performance monitoring and alerting to help ensure peak storage performance. Automated capacity planning helps you predict storage shortages, reclaim space, and prevent application outages. SRM integrates with other Orion® Platform products to provide end-to-end visibility into the application stack, and lets you easily troubleshoot performance issues from application to storage.
  • i-nex Icon


    i-nex system hardware lister

    I-Nex is an application that gathers information for hardware components available on your system and displays it using an user interface similar to the popular Windows tool CPU-Z.

  • AdLint Icon


    Open source and free source code static analyzer

    AdLint is a source code static analyzer. It can point out insecure or nonportable code fragments, and can measure various quality metrics of the source code. It (currently) can analyze source code compliant with ANSI C89 / ISO C90 and partly ISO C99. AdLint is written in Ruby. So, it is available for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and any other platforms supported by Ruby.

  • GRAJ music player Icon

    GRAJ music player

    GRAJ is a simple yet very powerful music player that runs in terminal. It uses VLC as a backend to play music. Forget typing your music filenames or selecting songs by hand. Just type: "graj yell sub" to play the "Yellow Submarine" song. That rocks! If there is another music player with which you can play all the songs that you haven't listened to since a month, that are graded at least 5, that have play count 5 or more and have "hard" as part of a name with something simpler and faster than: "graj -Mm5 -n5 hard" let me know :)

  • LCMStats - An R package Icon

    LCMStats - An R package

    An R package for detailed inspection and analysis of LCMS data. An R package developed by Sukhdeep Singh at Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London,UK.

  • Acid Rain Server Icon

    Acid Rain Server

    Acid Rain Server is a Linux distribution based on Open Suse 11.3. Its goal is to provide an easy way to create your own server allowing to synchronize all your computers using its Mercurial web server.

  • dwit (do-it)

    Lightweight task manager

    (Do-It) Task manager to organize and keep to-do lists manageable via the command line. Light weight and easy to use. This software uses SQLite for the back-end db so no db maintenance is required.

  • codonPhyML Icon


    codonPhyML uses Markovian codon models of evolution in phylogeny reconstruction. Given a set of species characterized by their DNA sequences as input, codonPhyML will return the phylogenetic tree that best describes their evolutionary relationship. Our paper describing codonPhyML has been published in the journal "Molecular Biology and Evolution" (MBE). For more details, follow the link: codonPhyML is on the cover of MBE! Check this out (August 2013): For the multimodel version of CodonPhyML, please use the 'codonphyml_multi.tgz' tarball.

  • RHN to Spacewalk Errata

    Scrapes errata advisories from translates them to RHN advisories. The advisory detail is then pulled from RHN (you must have a valid RHN account) via the RHN API and posted to your Spacewalk server.

  • XYZ Machine Icon

    XYZ Machine

    Software application, firmware and U.I. for 4-motors 3-axis milling machine, open hardware, software and mechanics. See also project in details for schematics and images on


    A Xenium of Excellent Node Information for Uni-cast Media

    XENIUM - A Xenium of Excellent Node Information for Uni-cast Media - Information, control and listener utilities. The goal is to provide turn-key software for audio distribution and interactive methods. ===================================== This project has been restarted.

  • Open3DGRID Icon


    An open-source software aimed at high-throughput generation of molecular interaction fields (MIFs)

  • ftp perl

    This is a terminal based FTP client program for all Unix. It is written in Perl. This is the terminal based spanish version. Meanwhile, soon I will be releasing a GUI version that will make use of Perl/Tk module.

  • Sys Army Knife

    This Sys Army Knife is an all in one tool for any Linux System monitoring and analysis. This is intended to ease of the most of the system activities related to monitoring and analysis. It will be helpful for any newbie or advanced linux users.

  • wunderpy

    A python text-based application to download and display weather data from Weather Underground. wunderpy is simple, intuitive, and fun!

  • Rendszerment

    Egyszerű rendszermentő és -visszaállító alkalmazás. Rendszermentés, -frissítés, vissza- és helyreállítás... Ubuntuhoz és különböző változataihoz, meg Debianhoz.

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