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Top Apps

  • Microsoft Office 365 monitoring simplified Microsoft Office 365 monitoring simplified Icon
    Microsoft Office 365 monitoring simplified Icon

    Monitor your Office 365® (O365) Exchange™ mailboxes and system applications with the SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor unified platform.

    SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor allows you to monitor your hybrid IT applications and systems. Monitor Microsoft® Office 365 Exchange side by side on your on-premises Exchange server and other applications. Check, track, and report on O365 user/shared mailbox growth, users over quota, archived mailboxes, inactive mailboxes, mobile device, mailbox groups, and more. You can also monitor Microsoft portal access to help ensure you’re meeting your SLAs.
  • Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon
    Focus on your Business with an integrated Business Cloud Icon

    Reliable & Secure Communications Systems

    • 90+ features: video, file management, cloud phones
    • 99.999% financially backed uptime SLA
    • Expert support, certified by J.D. Power 2 years in a row
  • PROSE Programming Language

    Programming language designed to simplify the development of small and large-scale networked applications. PROSE includes an execution engine and language that compiles into platform-independent bytecode. Bytecode can also be assembled directly.

  • Infinity Virtualization Platform Icon

    Infinity Virtualization Platform

    A virtual infrastructure without the dedicated physical infrastructure

    Infinity saves time and money by providing users with a virtual infrastructure without the need to buy and manage dedicated hardware. The Infinity virtualization platform gives users centralized management of their virtual machines (VMs), but unlike traditional virtualization solutions, Hosts running VMs can be any computer. Computer workstations and servers which are running Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Unix or no OS at all can be used to host VMs alongside their current applications. VMs can be run locally on workstations or they can be run on other Hosts and accessed remotely with the click of a mouse. VMs can be cloned, shared and teleported between Hosts in seconds. Using infinity can be as simple as plugging in an Infinity server, running the Infinity server in a VM, or booting a USB drive with Infinity installed on it. Then boot other computers from the network to run what ever you need. Installation details at

  • JCruiseMonitor Icon


    JCruiseMonitor monitors the state of builds on your team's continuous integration server (Hudson, CruiseControl/.NET/.rb, Continuum or Bamboo), providing feedback through a set of devices including a tray icon, USB light and audible warnings.

  • steroids

    (serial ports on) steroids enables users to execute remote c functions in python shell over serial interface. It generates c code for the target and a python script for the host automatically from a c header file.

  • CruiseSaver: CruiseControl Screen Saver

    CruiseSaver is a screen saver for CruiseControl. Each of your CruiseControl projects is represented by a floating orb. Color and labels indicate the projects current build status.

  • DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform Icon
    DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform Icon

    Our platform was built with simplicity at the forefront, so developers can build and deploy with ease.

    DigitalOcean's predictable format removes infrastructure friction and allows developers more time to build software customers love. Easily deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size. DigitalOcean also provides the support you need with hundreds of in-depth tutorials and an active online community.
  • Keyboard Led Monitor

    Keyboard Led Monitor can monitor the utilization of resources with the leds of the keyboard. Monitoring of CPU level, network traffic, memory and swap usage, and battery level are supported. The software can be used with game modes also, like bl.

  • mod_timedout

    Apache module which is checking apache free server count and when it is lower then defined in configuration it starts searching for long running apache request and killing them or just warns about plans to do it.

  • EyesOfNetwork Supervision

    EyesOfNetwork is free and is designed to allow easy implementation of a library process (ITIL). It simply shows information, raises alerts when there is trouble, helps the team to solve it, and very easily provides SLA reports in an editable format.

  • MASTH Proxy

    MASTH Proxy (Multi-class Admission-controlled Self-Tuning HTTP Proxy) is a Web overload control platform. It provides detailed measurements, request classes, managable HTTP queues & enables easy implementation of dynamic control/ tuning mechanisms.

  • Open Enterprise

    Open Enterprise is a very ambitious project that comprise some full opensource components to provide a strong alternative to the existing commercial software. Open Enterprise is cross-platform: Windows / MacOSX / Linux / BSD / Solaris / Unix.

  • Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Icon
    Locate Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations Icon

    Build the Business Case for Effective Security Investments

    Your customers recognize the importance of security, but often don’t realize the urgency until they see something tangible. SolarWinds Risk Intelligence assigns value to your data vulnerability, helping you build a strong business case for data protection and triage the most important problems to tackle. Some powerful features include data risk communicated as financial impact, at-risk data discovery and PCI DSS, PAN & PII scans.
  • DRegister WordPress plugin

    WP 2.7 plugin : - Require first/last name on registration - Create alphanumeric/numeric custom fields, eventually required - Quick install, no MySQL tables - Working fine on WP 2.7

  • Web Data Quality

    To create a framework to extract Web data and store in local RDBMS, to generate assessment reports on quality of the data being extract, and to publish the quality reports on the Web.

  • Codendi Community Edition

    Codendi is a collaborative solution for application lifecycle management. It gathers from a web-based interface, the tools used by software teams: issue trackers, SVN, GIt, hudson, docman, workflow...At the origin it is a fork from

  • Ducking

    Ducking is a software who is providing simulation of probable docking between two proteins using rigid body monte carlo method. It is written in python and uses the libraries wxPython, VTK, SciPy and BioPython.

  • Emergência 190

    Este projeto almeja montar uma central integrada para atendimento de chamadas de emergência para o 190 na Polícia Militar, com atendimento, despacho e encerramento.

  • Web Muncher

    Web Muncher is a C# .NET 2.0 web browser-like application that performs security evaluations of the pages being viewed. It captures information such as links, scripts, cookies, crypto and invisible data that it uses to identify security risks.

  • BRP-PACU Icon


    A cross platform dual channel FFT based Acoustic Analysis Tool to help engineers analyze live professional sound systems using the transfer function. One feature is the ability to capture four sample plots, average them, and invert to aid in final EQ

  • OpenIA (Open Individuo Artificial)

    OpenIA is a proyect whit the thinking machine research objetive. The prexistings human brain knoledges are a base to it. OpenIA es un proyecto que busca conseguir una máquina pensante basandose en los conocimientos preexistentes sobre la mente humana

  • Browsershots

    Browsershots is a system for capturing screenshots of Web pages in many different browsers. When a user submits a web address on the central web interface, the screenshots are made automatically on distributed computers that are run by volunteers.

  • PowerShell Tools

    This is a package of cmdlets for PowerShell. Currently provided tools are: PStime - a cmdlet to measure the time elapsed by running the specified command. (is similar to GNU time(1)), PSwget - a cmdlet to get the content of the resource specified by URL,

  • eTest Automation Framework (ETAF)

    ETAF: e Test Automation Framework The 'e' in ETAF signifies that it is a web based framework. It also stands for Efficient and Effective.

  • Kelp - source code annotation framework

    Kelp is a source code annotation framework. Written in strict ISO C90 with support for Posix and Windows environments. Large file support. Supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms. Plugins for Vim and Eclipse are available.

  • WebFix

    C# library and application to help maintain large websites. Goals for this project right now include: Site Crawler, Link Checker, (X)HTML / CSS compliance checker, missing images and files report, Metrics and Statistics, Fancy Reporting - Intuitive UI

  • Gedit TODO Plugin

    GEDIT TODO IS NOW A PART OF GMATE: PLEASE REFER TO to get updated information the source code on sourceforge will not be continued and a new codebase is in the way at github, for more info follow the above link. please DO

  • Coqua

    Coqua measures 5 distinct Java code quality metrics, providing an overview and history for the management, and down-to-the-code, detailed views for the developer. Metrics can be defined per team. Ideal for mid- to large-sized and/or offshore projects.

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