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Top Apps

  • Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon
    Focus on Business Growth with a VoIP Solution Icon

    Cloud Phone Service. Built for Business.

    • Over 50 business-class features
    • Easy setup. Professional installation.
    • CRM integration
  • Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Icon
    Monitor your Cisco ASA like an expert Icon

    See how Network Insight™ for Cisco® ASA, a feature of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager, can help.

    Get visibility into the health and performance of your entire Cisco ASA environment in a single dashboard. View VPN tunnel status and monitor firewall high availability, health, and readiness. Automatically discover and filter within ACLs, show rule hit counts, and detect shadow and redundant rules. Automate the monitoring and management of your ASA infrastructure in a fully integrated solution. Try it free for 30 days!
  • trolLshaper

    trolL - the traffic alLocator for end-to-end model reservation for semi permanent connection

  • Medical Wand

    medical wand is an electronic medical record system based on drupal

  • php-system

    Sistema para ERP de una Universidad .. Este sistema tiene como base el desarrollo de difrentes componentes base para un ERP basico de una universidad.

  • Yamwi

    Yamwi = Yet Another Maxima Web Interface.

    Run Maxima programs via the web in batch mode. Maxima is a Computer Algebra System written in Lisp.

  • Emma: rating tree Icon

    Emma: rating tree

    An app for quickly building collections and rating them. Test at Should be good for games and communication. Lots left to add. Try the "cuteness challenge". Ideas welcome (emma should be good at idea dev. too).

  • Experimental Games Generator (EGG)

    EGG: Develop and run web-based social science experiments

    The Experimental Games Generator (EGG) is a software package and platform written in PHP for developing and conducting scientific experiments in the social sciences. EGG was created to support researchers in economics and other social sciences, who are interested in human decision making. Being completely web-based, EGG is much more flexible than other software.

  • DataMat

    DataMat would be a database of materials properties. Its aim is to serve the technical and scientific researchers community as a common interface for storing and retrieving varous types of materials properties: phisical, chemical, crystallographic...


    Webbased groupware written in php,mysql. Supports log,events,project management, calendar, todolist, contact management, cvs (file management). Next version includes a rss feed

  • Bibliograph Icon


    Open Source Online Bibliographic Data Management

    Bibliograph is a powerful and intuitive open source web application for the collaborative collection, editing and publishing of bibliographic data such as a bibliographies, small library collections or shared research data. It features a modern user interface similar to a desktop application.

  • Hydroponic Meter and Controller

    This project is a combination of hardware and software used to monitor and control a hydroponic garden. Measures, logs, and charts: pH, EC, Temp, Res Depth, Light. Controls pumps, lamps, and fill/flush. It can contact the user via email or pager.

  • Sisplet CMS

    Sisplet CMS is powerful content management system suitable for academic and research use. Its main features are ease of use, database support (to build you own databases, e.g.-bibliography), notification system, Mail 2 Web, powerful search, etc.

  • Musmap - a web GIS software

    Musmap is a web interface to UMN mapserver. It provides users and profiles management, advanced queries and selections, automatic decodification of columns with joins, easy-to-use configuration (colors, ...)... and so on.

  • UniWakka

    UniWakka Wiki Engine is a light-weight and easy to deploy collaborative authoring tool for scientific web content, supporting MathML, bibliography (bibtex import and latex-like citations), toc and footnotes, RDF, latex, bibtex and OpenOffice export.

  • Graphical Botanical Database Management

    Graphical Botanical Database Management Tool keeps track of a very large number of variables in the growth of plants their environment and experiments performed Producing custom reports and displaying images. UPDATE-XGBDMT IS NOW PLATFORM INDEPENDANT.

  • ORSEE Icon


    ORSEE is a web-based Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments. Key features: attribute query selection, random recruitment, experiment calendar, reputation system, automated mailing, pdf output, complete documentation.

  • Jetbox

    Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability & has a professional intuitive interface. Its role based, with workflow and module orientated. All content is fully separated form layout. It uses php & mysql.

  • eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol Icon

    eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol

    Goal of this projects is to design unified general binary data format and to provide open-source libraries and tools for it.

  • RiRa

    RiRa is the Free Persian Digital Library, providing access to Persian literature in public domain or explicitly authorized for public use.

  • batch file generator

    Sick of handling ifs and gotos in DOS batch files? Use this code generator to code in a higher level language, the sausage machine turns out the batch file. Mercurial repo at

  • Educara SURVEY

    SURVEY is Educara's research-grade, web-based data acquisition tool written in PHP. SURVEY makes it easy for anybody to build and manage web based data collection. SURVEY is useful for both commercial and academic researchers.

  • myColex

    myColex is a complete museum management and collection documentation system with longterm archiving capabilities based on Apache/PHP and mySQL. Manage your object inventories, events, pictures, addresses e.g. with your browser.

  • Bumblebee Instrument Management System Icon

    Bumblebee Instrument Management System

    Equipment/instrumentation booking and usage accounting system. Designed primarily for use in academic laboratories where a number of users share a set of instruments (e.g. NMR machines, microscopes, fume hoods).

  • MultiTCP

    MultiTCP is a benchmark environment for testing TCP congestion avoidance algorithms and other TCP enhancements. It uses the kernel logs to print out segments statistics and internal TCP variables, to analyze and understand Linux TCP behavior.

  • GOAL, Gene Ontology Annotative Listing

    The Gene Ontology Annotative Listing (GOAL) is an open-source PHP application for assembling and visualizing Biological Sequences based on their corresponding hierarchal Gene Ontology structure, described by the gene ontology consortium.

  • NutrientDB

    NutrientDB provides a PHP API for searching and retrieving nutritional information for any food from the USDA Nutrient Database. Developers need only write a front end GUI that calls the NutrientDB PHP API in order to interact with the USDA database.

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