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WWW/HTTP Software

  • The Sight of Sound The Sight of Sound Icon
    The Sight of Sound Icon

    ­ Improve VoIP Visibility from SIP to RTP

    Cloudbased voice solutions are common in enterprise networks and frustrating for operations teams to manage. Simplify VoIP monitoring by having a proactive analysis of on-prem, hybrid and UCaaS voice services. Try the ThousandEyes VoIP monitoring solution today, free.
  • KEEP Toolkit

    The KEEP Toolkit is a set of web-based tools that help teachers, students and institutions quickly create compact and engaging knowledge representations of their teaching and learning on the Web. Implemented in Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

  • Sports Clubs Web Panel

    This is a web interface sport club site CMS, main site is changeable through a template system, draw will allow people to comment on games, coaches will be able to add results for their team. Plug-ins like custom player profiles, image gallery and more.

  • Zervit HTTP/Web Server

    Zervit is a simple lightweight attractive http portable server. This executable serves the files in its folder making file sharing easy in a network or internet. It supports directory listing and an easy configuration system. Web: http://zervit.sf.net

  • GlobalSpace Icon


    Global Space

    A virtual country system without land Building a web platform, to manage an entire virtual country Modular software Identification services Parliament system Direct laws application Direct laws vote system Every one no exception can apply for citizenship direct democracy web application: 1 - this is an open system to everyone to register with no exception.... 2 - users will submit laws to a pool using an on-line form. 3 - some how the software will be able to identify similar laws and merge them as one object of subject. 4 - this objects will be listed following some criterion of sort, like submitted time, volume of submitted forms with the same subject, so on... 5 - All laws will be available "for vote by all". 6 - there will not be a minimum of votes percentage number for one law to be approved, majority here dos not mean more then 50%.... if result number of positive votes is more then negatives votes that will

  • GLUEscript

    GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) creates a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language. GLUEscript uses SpiderMonkey and is the successor of wxJavaScript.

  • HIP Outpatient Orders and Results

    Based on HL7 v.2.3.1 Orders & Results Reference Information Model (RIM)s, The project is NOT a CPOE per-se. Instead, the project provides "applications" that allow EHR's to perform Outpatient Orders and Results via HIE, and collect these into their EHRs to feed the EHR "CPOE module / section" (ex. with prescribed drugs, ordered labs and results, ....) The first module in the project was the "ePrescribing application"; certified by RxHub and SureScripts back in 2007. New implementation needs to "re-certify" with SureScripts (which should not be much of a problem) Work on eLabs (using ELINCS, LOINC etc.) is being considered as participants join the project become available. The HL7 RIM allows for eImaging applications, eConsults applications, eReferrals applications, etc. Applications work independently, but through HIE, results come back to the provider to see it in its "CPOE Section or Module" Requires licensing of the MediSpan Drug Database for ePrescrib

  • Drupal.NET

    The Official port of the STUNNING! CMS/CMFx "Drupal" to the .NET Framework. Combining The greatest open source CMS with the greatest development platform. It will have the same architecture and will support Drupal modules & themes out of the box.

  • Kipa

    Kipan kehitys jatkuu Githubissa: https://github.com/partio-scout/kipa Partiotaitokilpailujen tuloslaskentaohjelmisto. Kipa on ehdokas Tupan seuraajajaksi partiotaitokilpailujen tuloslaskentaan. Web-pohjainen GUI, OS-riippumaton, client-server -arkkitehtuuri.

  • InFrame

    A personal, easy-to-use photo blog. Supports comments with captcha, ratings, EXIF, RSS feed, watermark. Needs web server with PHP5 and GD. Built-in db, no external database required.


    Our aim is to enable Web applications to consume linked data from the Web. With SQUIN (Semantic Web Query Interface) we will provide a Web data query service as an addition to the LAMP technology stack. This service executes queries over the whole We

  • TwoTwitter Icon


    Your business needs a private twitter. You canhave a private twitter for all the members of your business. Sometimes you wont show all the things you are doing to twitter

  • Country Redirect -IP to Country database

    Free Powerfull IP to Country Database, Geo Targetting, Country based redirection, and many other features. You can use, to display IP address and country.Effective in securing your website & in form submitions. Easy to use,with pre made examples.

  • phpSite - PHP Website modules/framework

    phpSite provides a framework for real webmasters to seriously create/edit/manage powerful, flexiable and modulated web sites extremely easy using their preferred text/html editor (or a browser soon, like a wiki).

  • OpenLinker

    OpenLinker is a new kind of OpenUrl link resolver client oriented, using AJAX and an open linking knowledgebase, to make links between full text articles, scholarly journals, databases and associated services like interlibrary loan or document delivery

  • seblt

    PHP script to log search engine spider visits to your homepage. Find out out when and where search engine bots are crawling your site. Features: email reports and/or log file reports for 32 spiders, monitor php and html files REQUIREMENTS:PHP4 or later

  • Zigmoyd

    Zigmoyd Is an well Documented open source php Framework based on OOPS works both on PHP4 and 5 with the professional and Industrial Standerds like MVC, ORM, Scaffolding ..... released under LGPL Licence that fits under the common shared Hosting packages

  • scaffold4php

    Scaffold4PHP allows PHP developers to create Class representations and basic CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) methods for all tables in a database in seconds.

  • WMEforWEB

    WMEforWEB is Cold Fusion code that employs the use of the Windows Media Encoder com object to convert any type of video into Windows Media streaming video content.

  • QtWui

    QtWui is a library which provides a web widgets toolkit based on Trolltech's Qt library (www.trolltech.com).

  • Tutorialis (Tutorial Management System)

    A CMS made for tutorials and HOW-TOs. If you want to help, drop me a msg at fusionstream@gmail.com Features: -Categories -WYSIWYG interface to post a tutorial -Support for themes -Interface made for easy and clear navigation -Advanced Search

  • p2pCMS

    A Content-Management-System for file sharing pages that supports protocols, like ed2k, Torrent or Mute.

  • Tloona

    The project has moved to fossil and is now hosted here: https://fossil.e-lehmann.de/tloona/ Source code and releases from 1.6.0 are also found there. The git and svn repositories here are outdated

  • Syndicate Me

    Syndicateme.net ... Ajax Atom 1.0 Syndication Engine Tell your story ... Especially if you are a business along Queen St. in Toronto Canada or King Street Waterloo Canada. Syndication can be from a pop mailbox, and can use XInclude.

  • SessionPage

    A Firefox 2.0 extension that display a list of your unclosed pages(tabs) in last session in a start page, so you have a choice to decide which one you want to open again. instead of just open them all(the default session restore behavior of Firefox 2.0)

  • Firefox Real Time Temperature

    Firefox extension that provides real time, color-coeded temperature display for Boulder, CO and Estes Park, CO with forecast for the status bar.

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