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Digital preservation Software

  • C++Builder: 1 codebase, 1 UI designer, 4 platforms. C++Builder: 1 codebase, 1 UI designer, 4 platforms. Icon
    C++Builder: 1 codebase, 1 UI designer, 4 platforms. Icon

    The best visual IDE for creating fast performance native apps across platforms. Start today a 30-Day trial (no credit card needed).

    Modern C++, standards-compliant with enhanced language extensions, beautiful native UI tools, and cross-compilation to Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. We provide the ‘full stack’ for native app development, from database to native and flexible UI to REST and more. If you want crossplatform C++ done right - choose the Complete App Platform for Multi-Device Native Development - Choose C++Builder.
  • Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Icon
    Take Our Survey. We Plant a Tree. Icon

    In honor of Earth Day, HPCC Systems is committed to planting 10,000 new trees across our national forests.

    HPCC Systems is dedicated to the environment and is giving you the opportunity to take action and be a small part of a big impact. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, HPCC Systems is growing and promoting awareness of environmental sustainability with their 10K Trees Challenge. The best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! Take our survey and take part in helping the environment.
  • RDPP Icon


    Repositório Digital de Políticas Institucionais

    Este repositório visa a troca de políticas institucionais entre bibliotecários, arquivistas, administradores de bibliotecas e centros de documentações e áreas afins, para troca de experiências e conhecimentos, buscando uma interação maior entre instituições e um debate produtivo em prol da criação de uma política de preservação e conservação que ampare e mitigue os erros que ocorrem no dia a dia dessas instituições.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • MEISE Icon


    Native note editor for the MEI encoding format

    The MEI Score Editor (MEISE) is an eclipse-based music notation editor for the musicological XML-based encoding format of the Music Encoding Initiative – MEI ( It is developed at the Musicology Seminar Detmold/Paderborn, University of Paderborn ( as part of the german part of the research project "Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities" – DARIAH-DE ( For detailed information about the MEI Score Editor development project please go to

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • TextComparer

    Small Java program to compare two texts

    Small Java program to compare two texts, originally designed to be used to find quotations in a Byzantine anthology. It can quite likely be used to detect plagiarism between two texts as well Graphical interface which allows easy navigation between corresponding parts in the two different texts. Uses the Java TextArea for this. Probably very much can be done to improve this program and the algorithm which it uses.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Unibiblio Icon


    Piattaforma di gestione di biblioteche o sistemi bibliotecari

    Unibiblio è oggi una delle piu' avanzate piattaforme di gestione di biblioteche o sistemi bibliotecari. La soluzione, infatti, si adatta perfettamente alle esigenze tanto delle piccole biblioteche, quanto delle piu' sofisticate ed esigenti reti di biblioteche. L'enorme flessibilita' e configurabilita' di Unibiblio, permette agevolmente alla piattaforma di adeguarsi ai processi interni in uso nell'Ente. L'architettura a piu' livelli consente di scalare la soluzione per adegare le prestazioni a Clienti di qualunque dimensione.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform Icon
    DigitalOcean - The Total Cloud Computing Platform Icon

    Our platform was built with simplicity at the forefront, so developers can build and deploy with ease.

    DigitalOcean's predictable format removes infrastructure friction and allows developers more time to build software customers love. Easily deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size. DigitalOcean also provides the support you need with hundreds of in-depth tutorials and an active online community.

    This is Online Digital Library Management System developed by ASP.NET MVC 3.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Leite

    Sistema para gerenciamento de bancos de questões para instituições ou professores.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • pyGrabber Icon


    A python-based GUI program to facilitate grabbing of public domain texts from various online resources

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • XToGen

    XML documents To Generated dynamic web application supporting CRUD actions. Credits to Ministry of Culture and Communication, France; UNESCO; Ecole Nationale des Chartes, France; PASS-TECH, France.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • California Cainiac Docs, Pubs, Images

    Grass roots pamphlets, brochures, images & documents you want to share with the world. Please be sure to have permission for any images, clipart and/or text you use. Cite your source & use quotes around verbatim passages. If you need images:

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Icon
    Multi-vendor storage monitoring simplified Icon

    Monitor your multi-vendor storage to help ensure your applications get the performance & capacity they need with SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor.

    SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) gives you multi-vendor storage performance monitoring and alerting to help ensure peak storage performance. Automated capacity planning helps you predict storage shortages, reclaim space, and prevent application outages. SRM integrates with other Orion® Platform products to provide end-to-end visibility into the application stack, and lets you easily troubleshoot performance issues from application to storage.
  • SE.4350.DigitalLibrary Icon


    transforming a data infrastructure into a knowledge community

    The purpose of the DataComm Library System is to provide a media database that can be shared on a global basis. This information network will have an interface designed to promote a community which is able to share a variety of media based data along with personal opinion towards that data. Whether you are in need of instant access to children books without leaving your home, compiling data for an important presentation while on the go, or a student in need of study materials for an upcoming course the DataComm Library System provides a platform for you.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • ixbar3000 Icon


    Multiplatform Multiemulator Frontend

    ixbar3000 is a frontend, it allows you to browse/launch games from a centralized place. While doing so it’ll keep statistics on your usage. You can also use it to store highscores on games that doesn’t have battery memory. Demo videos:

    Downloads: 21 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • WriteScanner

    Read written documents from Microfilm

    Professional Microfilm Reader that solves the accessibility problem. It is designed to maximize: -convenience - read microfilm from anywhere -open construction - can be built by anyone with the skills and tools to build a desktop PC -sustainability - built only with parts that will still be being manufactured in 10 or 20 years

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Dependency Discovery Tool

    A tool for discovering external dependencies in Office files.

    The Dependency Discovery Tool searches through binary office files (.doc, .xls and .ppt) and tries to find any documents or files that are linked to the document. It is written in java, using the Apache POI libraries ( ) This project was part of a summer scholarship from the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University, Wellington ( in conjunction with Archives New Zealand ( ). At the moment it requires Java 6 to build and run, but this should change soon, and it will run on Java 5 upwards.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Konzertsaal

    access concert recording repositories

    Access the * Digital Concert Hall of the Berliner Philharmoniker * Concert Repository

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • itunes Library Parser

    Itunes library Parser to read the Tracks & Playlists as Java objects

    Itunes Library Parser can parse the Itunes library, read the Tracks & Playlists as Java objects and thereby perform all sorts of operations on the files such as read itunes stored data about the tracks and playlists. One of the coveted feature would be to transfer the playlists onto non-apple devices such as Android.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • DSpace VirtualBox Icon

    DSpace VirtualBox

    This is a DSpace virtual installation meant for pre-install testing.

    This is a Virtual Installation of DSpace, an Free and Open Source Digital Repository Management software. This installation is not meant for production implementation but is only the basic working instance for testing purpose for those who are comfortable with virtual environment.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Edition Visualization Technology

    Digital edition visualization software

    EVT is a tool that creates web-based diplomatic and/or interpretative editions starting from XML TEI-encoded documents. The current release, EVT v. 1.2, builds upon the feature set of the previous releases and adds support for quite a number of new TEI elements: * added support for integrations and editorial additions encoded with <supplied>, with particular attention to omissions (@reason="omitted") and illegible text (@reason="illegible"); * added support for columns breaks (<cb>) and tables (<table>); * added support for <note>s that are not inline and are referenced in the text one or more times with the element <ptr/>; * added support for <ref>s whose @target attribute refers to a web page; * many bugs fixed! Go download it and check for yourself! For more information about how to use and/or customize EVT please refer to the EVT Manual included in the archive you downloaded, just look in the "doc" folder. Please send all feedback to

    Downloads: 25 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • PerPus Icon


    Aplikasi manajemen perpustakaan

    PerPus adalah aplikasi manajemen perpustakaan (database, booking, searching, documenting, etc.). Dapat digunakan untuk personal juga (perpustakaan pribadi). Aplikasi ini gratis. Jika ada masukan/usulan yang bermanfaat untuk perbaikan aplikasi ini silakan kirim ke email berikut:

    Downloads: 7 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Koha4vn

    Koha 3.10.9 on Ubuntu 12.04 Live DVD

    Live DVD Koha, with full features on Ubuntu.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • projectbamboo Icon


    Applications and shared infrastructure for humanities research.

    Project Bamboo began in 2008 with support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and began technology development in October 2010 after an 18-month planning phase involving more than a hundred universities in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. The Bamboo Technology Project (BTP) involved ten campuses. The BTP adapted research environments for humanities scholars; and developed/adopted infrastructure, with a focus on federated IAM, to allow librarians and technologists to better support humanities scholarship across institutions of higher education. The code artifacts of the consortial project have been moved here, to sourceforge, from a self-hosted code repository. An issue tracker (JIRA) is hosted by Atlassian OnDemand at; Bamboo's wiki archive is hosted at UC Berkeley, These migrations were undertaken as grant support ramped down, to permit Bamboo's work to move forward.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • JpegToPdf

    Cross-platform Qt tool for creation of PDFs from JPEG scans and photos

    Cross-platform tool for creation of PDF documents from scans/photos of pages in JPEG (.jpg) format Project has been inspired by jpeg2pdf: jpeg2pdf features command-line interface with options to fulfill most tasks. You can add handwritten comments to PDF scans (over original images) with xournal: It supports graphics tablets and saves comments to PDFs as vector data.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Astronomy-test

    Astronomy computing for educational purpose

    For nearly a decade Skype and Telescope Magazine provided small BASIC programs demonstrating astronomy computing for educational and inspirational purpose. This project is an inspiration of those programs, using not only BASIC, but any programming language in which it may be fun using.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Ensiklopedia Islam Icon

    Ensiklopedia Islam

    Mendekatkan Islam ke hadapan umat

    Ensiklopedia Islam is a set of Al-Qur'an and hadith applications. This application is depended on gambas3-ide, gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3 and Ayat 1.2.2. Its installation is on the Wiki page. Ensiklopedia Islam adalah kumpulan aplikasi Al-Qur'an dan hadits. Dependensi aplikasi ini adalah gambas3-ide, gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3, dan Ayat 1.2.2. Cara pemasangannya ada di halaman Wiki.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Open Source University Icon

    Open Source University

    The Revolution Begins...

    Open Source University is a comprehensive education system built from the ground up as a drop in replacement for all current methods of employment. It is designed for all ages and lifestyles. So go ahead, start earning your degree today for free, and end up with a more practically applicable qualification than any Ivy League college will ever be able to offer you. The source code for Open Source University is a PHP course building system that enables any teacher who is able to learn how to read simple code to dynamically produce material to teach their students through an intuitive content management system. It is a seamless web application that is built with mobile devices in mind. Now let us begin the revolution.

    Downloads: 1 This Week Last Update: See Project

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