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Top Apps

  • 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders Icon
    2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Tech Leaders Icon

    See how tech-sector leadership is being redefined in today’s complex business environment.

    21st century technology-sector leadership requires not only optimal financial performance but also attention to many other factors, including management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, environmental impact, social responsibility, and reputation. Successfully managing these areas may determine which tech companies have the fortitude to succeed in the future. Here’s to those that made the list.
    Who are today’s top global tech leaders?
    Read the report
  • Genetic Programming in OpenCL

    Genetic Programming in OpenCL is a parallel implementation of genetic programming targeted at heterogeneous devices, such as CPU and GPU. It is written in OpenCL, an open standard for portable parallel programming across many computing platforms.

  • Rinontin

    Rinontin RSPS subversion repository.

  • GEM Tool Box

    Set of useful tools coded in python to process satellite-based data. Aimed for Land Cover Change and Vegetation dynamics using SPOT VEGETATION NDVI as primary source of data. GDAL routines to call and access satellite data are included.

  • Rising Force the Roguelike

    Цель проекта - создание roguelike игры на основе вселенной RFOnline. Разработка ведется на FreePascal\Lazarus для платформы Win32 (в планах поддержка WinCE)

  • Lucky Rcon for Black Ops

    Lucky at Bingo's take at a Black Ops RCon tool. Supports kicking and banning, as well as custom map rotations for ranked servers. Provides multiple admin levels (super -admin, admin, etc.). An Android version is being developed (Lucky Rcon Lite)

  • XBMC Media Companion Linux Edition Icon

    XBMC Media Companion Linux Edition

    This is a GTK+ version of BillyAD2000's XBMC Media Companion, written using MonoDevelop. I will be re-writing the program while borrowing extensively from BillyAD2000's code design and logic.

  • Gemc Icon


    Prepare your CD images (BIN,CDI,NRG,CCD or similar) for compression

    Gemc lets you prepare CD image files (such as BIN, CDI, NRG, CCD, or similar) so that they'll compress far better in programs such as WinRAR. HERE`S HOW TO USE IT: Run the CD image file (i.e. filename.bin) through GEMC to create an ECM file (i.e. filename.bin.ecm). Compress the ECM file (i.e. filename.bin.ecm) using your favorite compression program (i.e. 7Z,RAR,ZIP..). Back up, transmit via Internet, or whatever you normally do with CD images! When you want to burn the CD again, extract the original CD image from the ECM file. space saved depends on the number of sectors with unnecessary EDC/ECC data in them, which will depend on the specific type of CD

  • Serl's Path-Sensitive Framework (PSF)

    PSF is a path-sensitive, inter-procedural program analysis framework developed on top of Soot.

  • iPaMS

    IPaMS is a central management system for programme descriptors and module templates. It has been produced using Zend Framework, at The University of Exeter in a joint funded project with JISC.

  • Pivot: Revolution

    Pivot: Revolution is a remake of the highly popular Pivot Stickfigure Animator, which was designed to allow easy animation using stick figures. Pivot: Revolution, however, will add many features on top of it, allowing for further ease of use.

  • cronusos

    Sistema operacional com interface Unix/Win32

  • WebApp Go

    WebApp Go is an IDE for developing web applications easily with little to no effort. Follow us on Twitter now @WebAppGo. http:/;/

  • open-pokemoon

    Open-pokemoon è un motore di battaglie tra "mostri", progettato per essere usato in ambiente Windows.

  • wchords-client

    A qt viewer and editor for chords and text, with chords manipulation. It will communicate with a server where will be stored sources of text and chords

  • jdebate

    jdebate is an online discussion platform focusing on the schema of pro and contra arguments. Arguments and claims are connected to each other via conclusions, so the system is also able to deduce opinions on new claims automatically.

  • Peewa javascript light-weight framework

    Peewa-js is a javascript light-weight framework.

  • RICcreator Icon


    RICcreator is an editor for the LEGO Mindstorms RIC image format and aims to bring out the formats advanced features for everybody. The goal is to support every feature apparent in John Hansen's enhanced firmware for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

  • Curriculum Manager

    Currman is a Curriculum Manager

    Currman provides tools for managing a curriculum. It stores a representation of a curriculum including course information (name, description, credits, pre-requisites, etc). It also stores a curriculum structure for particular degree programs (required courses, electives, concentrations, etc) Currman provides features for faculty and administrators who instruct and advise students in a degree program. Currman provides features for students to help them understand the degree, and track their progress through the program.

  • Image Upload Manager

    Image Upload Manager will sync to ImageShack and related sites (called upload providers) and thumbnails for lots of file types via thumbnail providers (which thumbnail files).

  • Group Chats for Facebook

    This project is closed since 2011 when Facebook introduced own group communication service.

  • nMovie Icon


    nMovie to program który ma za zadanie ułatwić rozpakowanie filmu i wyszukanie napisów do niego

  • MTX

    MTX (or MinimalTX) is a very simple graphic library for minimalist and textual environments (i.e. terminals). It is based on the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library.

  • Universe Benchmark Icon

    Universe Benchmark

    A Java Swings based benchmarking utility to measures PC performance by calculating pi on multiple threads. Gives number of Decimal places option.It also shows overall & each thread's status. Result is shown as time taken to complete full calculation

  • Smyle Icon


    Smyle es un proyecto que se inició principalmente para el desarrollo de una red social opensource, programada completamente de la nada. El código fuente es completamente libre y modificable, siempre y cuando se respete la idea original del proyecto

  • Emulador WYD Core Icon

    Emulador WYD Core

    (English) Emulator developed for the game With Your Destiny (WYD), by team EWC(Emulator Wyd Core), Software non-profit (free), GNU License. Contact, Contributions are accepted. EWC project is Open Source.

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