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Top Apps

  • Upgrade Your Phone Service with Jive Voice Upgrade Your Phone Service with Jive Voice Icon
    Upgrade Your Phone Service with Jive Voice Icon

    Get reliable and Enterprise-Grade Communication

    • Get your first month free
    • No fees for upgrades, features or add-ons
    • Very simple to use for admins and users
  • Develop killer analytical applications Develop killer analytical applications Icon
    Develop killer analytical applications Icon

    Try the Yellowfin analytics platform, built for developers.

    Yellowfin provides developers with the tools to easily build stunning analytical applications. Connect and blend multiple data sources and deploy onto any environment at scale, with access to hundreds of web services to integrate as you need. Yellowfin offers industry leading capabilities that are trusted by thousands of organizations globally. Try Yellowfin for free to see how easily you can develop killer analytical applications.
  • bind2nsd

    Bind2nsd provides scripts that translate DNS information in BIND format to NSD format, and then copy that translation to an NSD server. The goal is to make it simple to run redundant BIND and NSD servers and keep them in sync, using only BIND files.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • goldify

    Goldify is a set of tools that allow automated addition of links into electronic documents. Its main purpose is to allow such addition of links into documents that wish to link to the IUPAC GoldBook (

  • oneshot

    For the gimp-imparied people out there like me, a simple picture editor that attempts to allow simple editing features on screenshots. Applying the KISS principal, the goal was to make things like lines, arrows, circles, boxes, callouts to be simple. HELP NEEDED: Please sign up for a sourceforge account and write tickets. There are plenty of bugs, but it helps us if you see them and report them. Also, let us know what platform you are using oneshot on. Obviously it is currently targeted for Windows, but which version. Also, do you want to see a different OS targeted? Let us know.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • pimusicbox_1-0a

    pimusicbox is a smart jukeboxe and not only

    pimusicbox is a smart jukeboxe and not only. It can be a boombox, or a radio and much more. Make it Yourself and enjoy it

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • po-files editing plugin for gedit

    gedit-pomode is a plugin for convinient editing PO files in the gedit text editor.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Both Apple and Google’s ‘Best App’ Password Manager Both Apple and Google’s ‘Best App’ Password Manager Icon
    Both Apple and Google’s ‘Best App’ Password Manager Icon

    Still writing down passwords? Or rotating between a handful that you can remember? Not safe! Get Dashlane, It’s FREE!

    With all the accounts you have, remembering every single password is impossible. Dashlane protects your passwords and creates an easy, secure way to access all of your accounts on any device you own.
  • pyCGNS Icon


    A Python package for CGNS

    pyCGNS is now on github:

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • pyTectonics Icon


    3d plate tectonics in Python

    PyTectonics is no longer maintained. There is a replacement, which you can see here:

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • rIDE Icon


    rIDE is an IDE aimed at beginners, meant for use mainly in classrooms. It supports C++, Python, Prolog, Lisp, Whitespace, and LOLCODE, with syntax highlighting and quick-compile for each.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • wmtsa-python

    Discrete wavelet methods for time series analysis using python

    Several python libraries implement discrete wavelet transforms. However, none of them, or at least none that I know, is aimed at scientific use. This library aims at filling this gap, in particular considering discrete wavelet transform as described by Percival and Walden. This module started as translation of the wmtsa Matlab toolbox (, so most naming conventions and most of the code structure follows their choices. The code uses a mix of python and cython for improved performance. The code reflects my needs and preferences, but contributions from others are welcome. The code has to some extent been tested, but bugs are to be expected.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • AdXen

    AdXen is a graphical tool for administration of virtualized architectures that uses the virtual machine monitor Xen.

  • Discover server and application network dependencies Discover server and application network dependencies Icon
    Discover server and application network dependencies Icon

    Discover and troubleshoot application dependencies to determine if it’s an application or network problem with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

    Server & Application Monitor helps you discover application dependencies to help identify relationships between application servers. Drill into those connections to view the associated network performance such as latency and packet loss, and application process resource utilization metrics such as CPU and memory usage. Determine if process utilization or network performance is affecting the application and end-user performance.
  • Aid20 - Tools for d20 based RPGs

    Aid20 is a set of programs for d20 based Roleplaying games designed to aid the game master in various game moments.

  • Audio File Name Fixer

    Audio File Name Fixer is a utility written in python to change the file names of your audio files to match what is in the ID3 tags. Useful for fixing names of files copied directly from an iPod.

  • Cila (Adjusment tool for KDE)

    Cila is a KDE adjusment tool for end-user. With this tool users can change all setups of KDE with a gui.

  • FileUniq

    FileUniq identifies duplicate files, and optionally removes them or replaces them with hard or soft links. It is designed to work well with heavily hard-linked cp -al / rsync backups. For more information please see

  • Human Speakable Programming Language Icon

    Human Speakable Programming Language

    foundation of the General Intelligence Operating System

    HSPL is Human Speakable Programming Language, allowing for communication between human-to-computer and human-to-human in the same language. This project has moved to We are currently working on human-to-computer programming-language with mostly English base vocabulary. Though once we have that, we plan to add support for other world Languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, among others. Eventually HSPL shall be the foundation of GIOS the General Intelligence Operating System. Which is an open source operating system, that can be used for intelligent robots, computers and technological host-bodies. Regularly post on blog about HSPL at

  • M30W Icon


    M30W is a program designed to help create Scratch projects quickly.

    M30W is a program designed to allow fast developing of Scratch projects. It uses a unique text syntax to allow typing of blocks rather than laggy dragging them around.

  • PyMediaServer

    PyMediaServer is a basic UPnP Media Server implementation that works enough for me to enjoy my Netgear MP101 when the PC is booted into Linux.

  • SDL_YUVplayer

    Open source YUV player using the SDL library

  • School Club Management System Icon

    School Club Management System

    A Database Program To Keep Track of Members In a School Club

    Keeping Track of Members Isn't an easy thing. Writing in pieces of papers isn't successful. This Program Makes It Easy To Manage and store data on students.This program has the basic database functions like Show,Search,Add,Edit and Delete.

  • SiGeFi

    SiGeFi is a Financial Management System, with focus in the needs of the administration of the money in each personal life and house. It's written in Python, so it'll run in every system that supports Python.

  • Turn Soccer Online Icon

    Turn Soccer Online

    Tactical Soccer for Slow and Clever Players :)

    New Version is available!!! with untested win version. TSO is a turn-based soccer game, inspirated in the roleplay. WIP the game is playable between 2 human players. TSO es un juego de turnos de futbol inspirado en El juego esta en fase alpha y por fin es jugable entre 2 jugadores humanos. Any feedback is welcome

  • gac

    GAC is a GTK alarm clock application written in Python and it's desktop independent.

  • pycdep

    PyCDep is a tool to analyze include dependencies between files in C and C++ programs. PyCDep itself is written in python. It dumps all the facts in a prolog database which can be queried. Visualization is possible by dumping graphviz (.dot) files.

  • pyexcel

    A collection of python modules to produce MS Excel files. This is a fork from the pyexcelerator project. My contribution is mainly adding extra helper utilities and documentation, fixing bug issues and adding extra functionality.

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